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Sunscreen Island Tribe Review

Island Tribe is serious sun protection. It is amazing to see how far we have come in society these days or in the human race in general. I’m thinking of 100 years ago, sitting on a beach and taking out some suntan lotion to slap on it, well, just unheard of and unneeded. Of course, sun protection was not even thought of then, but neither was the huge hole in the ozone layer! 100 years later and we, as a community of people aware of the detrimental effects the sun has on us today, are putting on sunscreen like there is no tomorrow, it’s quite a change.

Most of us know the dangers of going out in the sun unprotected, whether we are swimming, camping, at a concert, at a festival, shopping, surfing, sunbathing. Now we know, but we’re bombarded with what’s the best sunscreen available or known to man, or value for money, or doesn’t wash off in the water and so on. But yes, despite all this, it is an important aspect and part of our lives, especially if you have children.

I’m sure most sunscreens do exactly what they say they do and some don’t. All in all, every product including sunscreens, there is a cheap version, cheaper than the cheap version, or a really expensive version that by the way is not guaranteed to be the perfect version so to speak. It simply means that you have spent more money than usual and now you have to guarantee the cost by assuming that it really is the best product or sunscreen in this case.

And then there’s Island Tribe Sunscreen. What is this exactly? Ok, I’m going to go straight to the facts about this sunscreen and see what separates Island Tribe from the rest. They have a variety of different products, but not too many that will confuse the consumer, but it is a very clever, simplistic and effective selection.

Island Tribe Sunblock is designed to provide maximum protection for everyone who uses the product, that’s obviously the goal. But it is also aimed at water sports enthusiasts or those who are constantly under the sun and water and actually millions of people around the world. Next comes the GEL product from the same manufacturer. One of its differentiating qualities is that it is highly impermeable to water, so when applied it actually lasts longer than conventional sunscreens.

My favorite item from Island Tribe is SPF 35 Sun Lotion – 125ml, a waterproof antioxidant lotion with maximum UVA protection (all sunscreens should be). But I love the vitamin E enriched non-greasy moisturizing lotion, it’s just another kind of x-factor about Island Tribe. Then there’s the Island Tribe Stick, handy, convenient, affordable and well, I could go on but it would start to sound like a sales pitch…

Key factors about Island Tribe Sunscreen? Now addressed to a wider world, consumers will have at their fingertips a broader awareness that these sunscreens are available to them and actually work according to testimonials. The lotion is different, clear like a gel that actually stays on longer and is waterproof. To the maximum!

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