Child Custody Confrontation

A child is an inseparable part of the heart that brings a new kind of brilliance to a parent’s life. When a marriage fails due to undesirable circumstances, the child also becomes a part of the painful journey of leaving and goes through mental trauma as well. A child needs both of its parents. No amount of negotiation can help […]

Everything you need to know when moving offices

Are you looking to relocate your office space and need key information and expert advice on the best strategies? Moving offices can be a very stressful undertaking – you’re essentially relocating your entire business, so there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. Here are 7 top tips to ensure your large office move is as quick, easy […]

SEO New York: Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

Promoting a status versus promoting a product requires different mindsets. In the first case, a state encompasses many facets: downtown, historical attractions, museums, demographics, environmental initiatives, industrial zones, and many other topics that would interest visitors. In the second case, the promotion of a product imposes a narrower focus. It presents the product: how it is made, how it can […]

How to start a blog – The Blogger Way

The blogging bug has bitten many people because many people ask us what blogs are about. From teenagers to top managers, everyone is excited about this new phenomenon called blogging. Based on our talk last year at a local university on how to blog properly, it’s pretty safe to say that blogging is very popular. So this article is for […]

Environmental Issues Affecting the Travel Industry

Environmental protection is now one of the most discussed and debated topics around the world. Many companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to create products or make their products eco-friendly. An example is the electric car that is being studied as a viable option to the current gasoline car. In 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss […]

5 tips to make a small kitchen look spacious

No kitchen is too small to be stylish. There are many adjustments you can make to open up a small space and make it look and feel welcoming. It will take some organization, some tidying up, and some creativity to upgrade a small kitchen, but soon you’ll be more comfortable and able to prepare meals with ease in your newly […]

How to do SEO for your own website

Our ultimate guideline is to rank our site for a keyword that has decent search volume. Before you start with SEO, you should know how the search engine works. This article is about how to do SEO. If you are a beginner and want to know how the search engine works, check out some Moz articles. I start with keyword […]

We are prepared to maintain a healthy weight

Suppose you have a “fat meter” that would send out a loud “STOP!” message to your brain once you have accumulated enough fat. Suddenly, you wouldn’t feel like pizza, ice cream, or French fries. You would look at these favorite foods, even smell their tempting scents, and you wouldn’t even be tempted. Or maybe you decide to eat anyway, and […]