The three different types of poodles

Poodles are divided into three different varieties, standard, miniature, and toy. The American Kennel Club, a leading authority on dog breeds, outlines varieties by size. Standard Poodles should be over 15 inches tall at the highest points on their shoulders. Miniature Poodles are defined as 15 inches or less at the highest point of the shoulders and more than 10 […]

Stop dog aggression

Adopting a new puppy is like bringing a new member to the family. They are all focused on playing and feeding the puppy or even just watching him for whatever moves he makes. But do you know that this puppy only takes a little while to grow into an adult dog? What if your sweet and lovable pup grows up […]

Dog allergies: home remedies

Allergies to dogs. Oh how many times have I found myself desperately searching the web for the “miracle cure” so I don’t have to make another visit to my wealthy vet. Going through information pages, looking for home remedies for my poor “Blue BO”. Trying to find some way to avoid having to take even more medications that make him […]

Your New Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy: A Supply Checklist

Acquiring a pet as a household addition can be one of the most rewarding things in life. Choosing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy on its own is already a bonus. With proper care and attention, Pembroke Welsh Corgis become intelligent, loving and affectionate companions. However, keep in mind that the newest member of your family also has special needs. This […]

Homemade Dog Food – Prepare High Quality Dog Food at Home – Part 2

According to Donald R. Strombeck (DVM, PhD.) In the book, Diets for Cats and Dogs; The healthy alternative: most commercial foods incorrectly contain carbohydrates as their PRIMARY energy source. He also says that while dogs can digest some carbohydrates, an estimated 20% go undigested. The excess levels of carbohydrates in some commercial foods are there primarily to add bulk, and […]