Airport Etiquette: Get Through Airport Security Without Losing Your Bags or Missing Your Flight

In the past, the stress of flying abroad often meant worrying about the flight itself or whether you’d forgotten to pack an essential item. These days, however, people care more about getting picked for that exhaustive bag search and getting through the airport lines in time to catch a flight. It’s a sad but true fact that navigating airport security […]

The Los Angeles Times is wrong in the discussion of the Supreme Court case, eBay v. MercExchange

In an editorial on the Supreme Court case eBay v. MercExchange, Los Angeles Times [May 17, B12] fixed: [A]n short appeals [the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, “CAFC”] ruled that MercExchange was automatically entitled to an injunction against eBay. In a unanimous ruling, the justices disagreed not only with the appeals court but with nearly 100-year-old Supreme Court […]

reviewing your past

You are in your living room, lying on your couch, trying to remember who you were at eighteen, twenty-five, thirty-six, and wondering why you are so different today. What happened to all your dreams, your plans for the future? How did life slip away from you without even realizing it? When we try to relive those years, are our memories […]

Natural and effective treatments for ringworm

Having ringworm sounds a lot worse than it really is, and it can be cured quite easily. Ringworm, which isn’t actually a worm, by the way, it’s a fungus, is usually spread through contact with pets or animals that have been infected. It is most common among children because they run around passing it to each other like a game […]

Primordial Healer – Female Shaman

The oldest healing tradition in the world is shamanism. it’s primitive it’s primitive It’s a powerful practice. Today it would also be classified under names such as “holistic healing” or “integrative medicine”. My beloved calls it “Harmonic Infusion”. I have been led to call it “Primal Healing”. Some time ago, I read an article titled, Childbirth as a shamanic experience […]

shoulder hiking

So for this week’s tip, we’ll be discussing the concept of shoulder walking. This can cause many problems, such as not being able to turn your head properly or not having proper range of motion in your shoulders. These problems can also restrict your breathing pattern. Let’s take a deeper look at this problem and see how far we can […]

Is he who tells the truth a loose cannon?

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a loose cannon, so the definition of such is justified. Seems to be someone who acts out of control or unexpectedly and says things that cause embarrassment or trouble for others. The question is, does it apply to someone who tells the truth, like a whistleblower? Does it also apply to teachers who know something […]