Restoring an old cast iron Jambalaya pot

Have you ever wondered how you could restore that old jambalaya pot your grandfather gave you? How about an old Dutch oven or cast iron skillet you found at hunting camp or Grandma’s kitchen? Have you ever wondered why you should restore any of these classic pieces of history? If you’ve ever wondered how to “bring back” any piece of […]

What do all aromatherapy scents mean?

When setting up a meditation area for relaxation or to use in yoga classes, many people use incense, candles, and / or essential oils. Scent is a powerful and wonderful tool that can be used to fill a space or our body with qualities and symbolism that match the intentions or goals of any practice. Sometimes during Savasana (or Corpse […]

Soulmates and Soulmates Hierarchy

There are basic categories of soul connections that can be identified. We recognize them for the role souls play in the lives of others and the energy underlying connection. Even as I write this, I do so for the purpose of helping you understand that not all soul relationships are supposed to last an earthly life of forever nor are […]

Four cornerstones of intimacy

People euphemistically use the word “intimacy” to refer to sex, but it goes beyond experiencing the results of the sexual act. Rather, it is knowing who you are in relation to another person as you grow and change together. Your commitment to being intimate allows you to confidently learn how to create deeper relationships. Understanding the “Four Cornerstones of Intimacy” […]

Find cheap children’s clothing

Buying clothes for your children can be quite expensive. You will have to buy new clothes each time they grow a little older. Many people are not aware that they can get cheap children’s clothing, if they only knew where to find it. Spring cleaning surprises families. There are cartons upon cartons of clothing that have not been used for […]

What happens when we die?

There are as many opinions about the potential of an afterlife as there are stars in the sky. Devoutly religious people anticipate a conventional life after death in heaven, hell, or purgatory; others believe in reincarnation. Imaginative atheists conceptualize alternative dimensions. Agnostics claim that there is no existence after death. Einstein believed that no one could understand the universe except […]

Natural skin care: facials for acne

Natural skin care to treat acne is clearly the best option not only for your appearance, but for your overall health as well. While taking hormones and using other types of medications in topical treatments can work for some more serious conditions, most people can benefit the most from seeking natural means of healing. Avoiding these dangerous drugs can not […]

Sage tea for window cleaning

Sage tea cleanse is probably one of the most fun ways to clean crystals that combine a water cleanse and a sage cleanse in one session. With these two components working together, create a strong energy cleansing session. You will always want to make sure to clean your crystals of energy debris or fingerprints before and / or after each […]