42 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to Science Fiction’s Favorite Number – Tribute to the Late Douglas Adams

When Rafa Nadall beat Roger Federer last July in the longest final in Wimbledon history, he became the first Spaniard to win a grass-court major in 42 years. This feels Spain in full celebration mode. It also caused great consternation among Federer fans who were about to witness a sixth straight Wimbledon win. I suspect, however, that most people stumbled […]

Things to do in Malta during winter

Malta has long been known as a destination for sun and sea. This is reflected in the flocks of students and tourists who visit the island during the summer months in an attempt to sit back, relax and get as red as a lobster. However, there are surely plenty of activities one can partake in during the mild winter months. […]

Review of The Richest Man in Babylon by Clason

Before leaving my dad’s house, my sisters and I would have to read several books and regurgitate the story, or the lessons from the book, to him. One of the books was by George S. Clason The richest man in Babylon. The book is educational and contains lots of good advice. It’s a great book for young adults, or anyone […]

The joy of a new leather sofa

Buying a new leather sofa can be an amazing experience. Just having a new sofa in the house is usually enough to brighten things up a bit, but add the fact that this new sofa is leather and it can be extremely exciting. In today’s article we will talk about three reasons why leather is an excellent choice for your […]