Job Loss – Stages and Strategies to Cope With It

Are you one of the many talented and competent professionals who has suddenly been the victim of a layoff or termination from the company? As you struggle with the fear of losing financial stability, you may also find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. Knowing the best ways to deal with job loss will help you regain dignity and self-esteem […]

Pay for dental care

Here, at the beginning of the 21st century, everything related to dentistry is expensive. You already know that dental bills always seem expensive, and paying the bills is an important part of your dental plan. Sometimes a patient can be tempted to cut corners and look for a low-priced dentist, who might even use off-brand products that end up costing […]

5 Tax Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Our firm doesn’t do taxes, although I did for 12 years. When I started my practice, that was a service I just didn’t want to offer. However, we partner with CPAs and other tax professionals to ensure that the guidance we provide to our clients is in line with the advice provided by their tax professional. As part of that […]

When your spouse wants a divorce, but you don’t

It would be nice if everyone agreed when divorce is on the table. But, in my experience, this is rarely the case. Often one spouse wants and pushes for a divorce, while the other desperately wants to save the marriage. This was my case and that of many of the readers who visit my blog. So I know firsthand that […]

How to Repair a Leaking Roof

Repair a Leaking Roof One of the first things that you should do when you notice that you have a leaky roof in Barrie is to inspect it. You should be aware of cracks and peeling shingles that may be indicators of a problem. Another thing you should check are granules that fall off the shingles into the gutter. You […]

EB Marketing Group – Review – Do they offer you legitimate home based business opportunities?

EB Marketing Group and Eric Bechtold are active in the multi-level marketing business opportunity industry. Eric Bechtold (EB) is a successful marketer who uses many different marketing and branding efforts to earn substantial income for himself and his company. Will Eric and EB Marketing Group based in Florida offer you and empower you to be as successful with him in […]

Why life insurance is very important before investing money

Many people ignore insurance. They are not familiar with the different benefits they can get when buying life insurance. They feel like they are only losing money if they spend money to buy insurance. In the world of personal finance, insurance plays a very important role. In personal finance, we commonly talk about saving money, budgeting money, and even how […]

Opening a cafeteria – Funding sources

In addition to having a coffee shop business plan, you need to have your funding sources defined when starting a coffee shop. There are many options available to you, but we will talk about the most common ones. SBA – So many sources pushing SBA loans, SBA LOANS, SBA LOANS! Let me first say that the Small Business Administration loan […]