Missouri Payroll, Unique Aspects of Missouri Payroll Law and Practice

The Missouri State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of state income taxes deducted from payroll checks is: revenue Department Taxation and Collection Division Withholding Tax Section post office box 3375 City of Jefferson, MO 65105-3375 (573) 751-5752 http://www.dor.mo.gov/ Missouri requires that you use the Missouri form “MO-W4, Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate” instead of a federal form W-4 for […]

Creating 3D Effects With LED Signs

3D Effects With LED Signs There are several differences between neon signs and LED signs, and one of the most important is safety. Traditional neon signs, made with glass tubing and rare gases such as argon or krypton, heat up quickly and are easily shattered. Those risks are eliminated when using LED neon signs instead. Dein Logo als Neon LED […]

for the love of america

Her finger rose, in response, as I closed mine over her hand, I felt more than I saw relief in him, when he realized that I would understand! She clutched the flag to her chest, as a tear rolled down her cheek, The words he handled weakly, for he was rapidly weakening! I leaned close to her lips and made […]

The threat of spam and basic preventive measures

It is very likely that everyone who uses the Internet has been the target of spam at one time or another. At first they are easy for the internet savvy to dismiss, however for the inexperienced internet user the messages they contain can sometimes be intimidating and in some cases lead to trouble (I’ll look at a personal example later). […]

Why we need climate change skeptics

Healthy is probably not the first adjective climate change skeptics would use about his position. At least that’s my conclusion given the pariah status conferred on anyone who resists the conventional wisdom that climate change is bad and caused by human activity. Skeptics have been punished, vilified, and even threatened. And some have retaliated with their own aggressive defense. The […]

The best ways to save on car insurance

When you get a car, you need to have car insurance. It is important to get comprehensive coverage, but also cheap. While most people are very concerned about getting a good price when they first set out to get auto insurance, they often don’t keep looking thereafter. Not continually searching for great deals can cost you hundreds each year. Many […]

Importance of keyword research in digital marketing

Keyword research is the first and most important step towards digital marketing. Keyword research is the process of researching and choosing words and phrases that users will search for that are directly related to your business, product, or services. Keyword research helps your viewers search for and find you through common words. Keep in mind that your keywords must stand […]