Sexual health: Is mint flavor good or bad?

Men who are concerned about proper penile care, and all men should be, want to make sure they do everything they can to ensure superior sexual health. But the world of sexual health matters is read with all kinds of misinformation, old wives’ tales and myths. One of the recurring concerns the use of mint in relation to the penis. […]

The Mortgage Rate Shopping Game

I have been advising borrowers in need of residential mortgage financing for over seventeen years. My experience shows that no matter how sharp, clever, intelligent, educated, or ignorant a borrower is: the mortgage rate trap they all fall into is the same. Unfortunately, by the time a borrower realizes they have been misinformed, misled, or simply given only part of […]

Top 5 computer games of 2011

2010 was a year where gamers enjoyed and had fun playing a variety of entertaining video games. Some of these games were played online and some are also sold in major stores. Top requested games include God of War, Final Fantasy XIII, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth […]

The amazing Shaye Saint John

Shaye Saint John burst onto the YouTube scene in 2006, with short works, usually 3-5 minutes, of absurd and bizarre beauty that achieved both epic horror status and outright original comedic genius. Shaye got a relatively large following, most likely they didn’t know what the hell to think of her or him or it. Indican Pictures created and released a […]

light up your spaces

Proper home lighting makes a difference in the atmosphere and functionality of your environment. When placed correctly, electric lighting provides good general lighting, functional lighting and is decorative at the same time. General lighting is important for general activities in the home, such as the kitchen, office or study. For these areas, pot lights are most effective. The best bulbs […]