50 percent of American children with mental health conditions go untreated, claims study

Half of the children in the United States with some type of mental disorder do not receive treatment, revealed a recently published study. The researchers analyzed data collected from the 2016 National Child Health Survey, a nationwide survey administered to parents of young adolescents. The findings revealed that of the 46.6 million young people in the 6 to 18 age […]

Internet crimes: definition and penalties

An Internet crime, or cyber crime, refers to any illegal practice that involves the use of a computer or network, or that targets a computer or network. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, their key priorities regarding cybercrime are: hacking, online predators, hacking, and fraud. Computer intrusion costs individuals and businesses billions of dollars each year. By breaking into […]

Riot Grrrl style, fashion and self-expression

Riot Grrrl fashion shaped and influenced young women’s fashion from the 1990s to the present day. Although there was no “uniform” in this movement, certain trends and tendencies carried over from the subculture to the mainstream. This appropriation failed to whitewash clothing politics, and its influence continues unabated today. To understand this movement, you need to understand something of its […]

How to avoid legal problems when selling land?

A few decades ago, people had their own ways of selling land. However, today the land sale process has undergone a drastic change. The world we live in is governed by law. Today, most counties operate by the rules of democracy. In such a democratic environment, there are some laws that govern various facets of life. In fact, even when […]

Aesthetics + Ethics = The Science-Art Human Survival Plan

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to an Australian group dedicated to the banishment of nuclear weapons. Its aim echoes the Russell-Einstein Manifesto issued in London in July 1955, which highlighted the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and called on world leaders to seek peaceful solutions to international conflicts. From the perspective of the current North Korean crisis, Nobel […]