A view from Spain

I have been lucky enough to have spent much of the winter of 2019-2020 living on the southern coast of Spain. Occupying a rented house near the center of an old town for a long time, which inevitably involved interacting with the locals, even commercially with shopkeepers and the like, gave me a great opportunity to observe how daily economic […]

Online multiplayer games like MMORPG games will infuse adrenaline in you

It should come as no surprise to you that we have become virtually dependent on advanced technologies and the World Wide Web specifically for a variety of daily activities. In such circumstances, some of the activities that are gaining resonance across the globe are online dating, online computer games, social networking, online shopping, online gambling, and much more. The terrestrial […]

In the end God said: "Write"

At the beginning of the very beginning, in the Book of Genesis, God said: “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3) Here we see that the Word of God produced light and physical life. Later, the Word of God, in the physical realm, became Jesus Christ in the flesh. In the spiritual realm, Jesus, the living Word of God, became the […]

Financial fitness for the rest of your summer

Summer is halfway over, and warm weather, barbecues, and vacations have probably already taken a toll on your budget. It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your money goals by tracking your progress thus far. It’s important to stay proactive about overspending by executing smart approaches that will keep you financially fit over the summer. Review your current summer budget After […]

Escaping the cow pasture of mediocrity

LEARN (Listen, Obtain (bring out what is latent or potential), Ask, Repeat and Nurture) Do you currently live in the city where you grew up or spent most of your formative years? Are you “going home on vacation or visiting family members” in the city ​​or town of your upbringing? Have you moved to another nearby city or another part […]

Talking about cell phones

Cell phones are basically everywhere we look today. Six and seven year olds have these devices so they can call mom and dad, and of course, grandma. Teens keep their devices permanently in their ears and even sleep with them on the edge of their pillow so they never miss a call, text, or Facebook update from one of their […]

Blessing of the Americas of Freedom and Hope

Where is your family from and why did they come to the United States? Have you ever visited the communist countries of China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam? I have had the honor of traveling to many parts of the world and fell in love with the people from almost all countries. My heart broke for those who […]

Learn more about the Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is one of many new digital ways to read books. We originally read on stone walls and that eventually turned to paper. It was only a matter of time before paper books became a digital medium and that time is already here. This article will provide a review on the Kindle. If you’re not familiar with the […]