All-inclusive vacations in California

Demand for all-inclusive California vacations is on the rise, perfect for a quick getaway. It is one of the most popular options available to travelers in California. They take care of a wide variety of vacation needs at an all-inclusive price. It is ideal for travelers looking for fun and entertainment in one package. All-inclusive California vacations are all-inclusive packages […]

What do you know about Belize?

Today Norm Goldman, editor of and is pleased to have as a guest Joshua Berman, co-author of Moon Handbooks Belize. Joshua is an expert in traveling around Belize and recently chose this small Central American country for his own honeymoon; He has also lived and written extensively about Nicaragua and Honduras. Welcome to and Joshua and […]

You have to love Costa Rica

This Central American country has it all! We flew into San Jose, the capital city, on JetBlue from Ft Lauderdale (a big airline, by the way). We spent one night at the Carriari Doubletree hotel, then we headed to the state of Guanacaste on the Pacific Northwest coast of Costa Rica. The ride takes about 4 hours depending on the […]

Boutique hotels: much more than accommodation

The main and most prominent difference between a boutique hotel and a contemporary five-star hotel is the feeling of receiving highly personalized attention at boutique hotels. Boutique hotel staff show their deep interest in making your stay more and more pleasant. They are also common to provide special attention to their guests. It is often said that if you want […]

How travel is reshaping the fashion industry

The answer to the question “how travel is transforming the fashion industry” is simple! When an Asian tourist of high socioeconomic status goes to the US and buys fashion accessories; they bring with them the international market. When they capture the attention of major fashion brands, they satisfy their needs with those brands. These same brands, having seen the effect […]

Redwood National Park: 3 Tips for Efficient Travel to Redwood by Amtrak Train and Bus

Redwood National Park was created in 1968 to protect the land adjacent to the California state redwood parks that formed in the 1920s. Currently, the combined state and federal lands are managed under a joint agreement between the Park Service. Nationals and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. The parks combined cover more than 110,000 acres, including 37 miles […]