Jungle Quest game review

The fountain of youth had eluded many, if not all, who tried to search for it, but even so, the legend is still fresh in people’s imaginations. In the game Jungle Quest, you are tasked with searching once again for this famous legend, through a match-3 puzzle installment from Alawar Games. In Jungle Quest, you play the role of Cathie […]

Cloud computing and its profound implications for laptop rental

In recent years, cloud computing concepts have literally changed the scope of the digital workspace and completely transfigured the digital workspace in all the capabilities required in all environments; in fact, countless companies are now leveraging their best practices, and quickly. adapting to cloud computing systems within their organizations to have perfect connectivity within their internal departments. Cloud computing becomes […]

Review: Modern Art

The world of art is a subject that has not been much exploited by the board game industry. Modern art shines gloriously from this vantage point, embracing the vicious world of art galleries and the business of the paint trade in such a unique way that it seems almost real. Of course, the famous designer Reiner Knizia couldn’t hope for […]