Misdemeanor Complaint for City Municipal Code Violation(s): Defense and Disposition

A complainant, usually a dissatisfied tenant, reports alleged violations of the City’s Municipal Code to the City’s Housing Department. A Department of Housing inspector conducts a systematic inspection in accordance with the City’s Housing Code, Los Angeles Housing Code Section 161.602.1, if the property is located in Los Angeles. The inspector finds several violations during the inspection in the presence […]

Find a mortgage broker

Again, it’s about leverage, and it’s about assessing what your net profit will be versus risk mitigation. So it is always better to go with a minimum of two lenders or brokers. Think of it as a kind of insurance policy. You don’t want to get stuck at the closing and pass up a deal valued at $50,000. You’re in […]

Choose a QUALITY real estate agent

Although, for most of us, our home represents our single largest financial asset, when it comes to buying or selling it, the vast majority of people seem to choose their real estate agent/representative in a somewhat haphazard way. Wouldn’t we be better off if we hired a real QUALITY agent, and proceeded, with the necessary degree of consideration, to make […]

Repair of old pistols and gunpowder pouches

In good condition, these guns are valuable antique collector’s items. Others that require a bit of work can often be cleaned and restored by hobbyists. Cast metal parts or wooden blanks, which can be molded to replace damaged or missing stock, can be obtained from specialist suppliers. Even old gunpowder explodes, so make sure any gun you’re repairing isn’t loaded. […]

Home Equity Loan: Frequently Asked Questions

Home equity loans are a potential savings option for homeowners who want to consolidate debt and/or turn some of their bad credit into good credit. The possible tax deductions on home equity loans make them potentially useful for debt consolidation, since other consumer and personal loans generally have no tax deductions and have higher interest rates. A home equity loan […]

What Islamic gifts to bring from Umrah?

The Islamic concept of giving gifts promotes love and affection between family and friends. That is why Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said: “Give gifts to each other, because gifts remove grudges.” Therefore, many people give each other gifts at various events to promote feelings of sympathy and warmth between them. Special occasions like coming back from Hajj and Umrah in […]