Socrates warned us but we killed him

The ability to do something that takes generations to develop was kept secret in all areas of human endeavor during what we call prehistory. It didn’t change when the culture advanced to the point where people could read scrolls. In fact, Plato observed a reduction in disciplined knowledge as a result of the writing alphabet given to the Greeks by […]

Pet Land Hermit crabs as pets

The terrestrial hermit crab as a pet is one of the most adored pets in many homes. Although you may not be able to snuggle with him like your dog or cat or go for a walk together, you will have years of pleasurable enjoyment. This crab is a wonderful choice for households with allergies, as they are odorless and […]

10 things to know before applying for a VA loan

Veterans Administration (VA) loans are some of the most common types of loans used in today’s financial marketplace. They offer many benefits to eligible borrowers and are primarily used to purchase, refinance, and even improve a home. Here are 10 important things to know before applying for a VA loan: 1) It is a guaranteed loan. A Veterans Administration loan […]

Frank Gore: The Beast of San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers have one of the richest histories in American professional sports. With five Superbowl titles to boast, the Niners are one of the most prestigious franchises in the National Football League. Some Niners legends who have already reached the Hall of Fame are Jerry Rice, Steve Young and “Golden” Joe Montana. And if you’ve been watching Frank […]

The different ways to cook your cereal

Food Cooking Cereal Products BY Cooking.–Very generally the cereal, after it is well fixed, is permitted to be gradually prepared until finally all ready to serve; whatever it may be, the cooking technique is practiced. This process, however, is not really advisable, since it is not profitable. High-sugar cereals cooked this way need persistent watching and stirring, and then it’s […]

Frozen visitor from a distant star

Icy, dusty comets from our own Solar System come howling into Earth’s night sky from regions so far away that our Sun’s fiery, fiery light and stellar heat are almost unknown. In the gloom of frigid, endless darkness, the tiny icy comet nuclei of our Solar System stand as relics of an ancient time when planets first formed, from a […]