Dress-up game is a popular pastime

Do you like to dress up in costumes for Halloween or a special event? Would you like to be able to attend more functions with costumes? Then Cosplay is for you. This is the “hottest” creative and imaginative hobby enjoyed by amateurs and professionals alike. No, there are no lines to memorize and you don’t have to act in a […]

Mobile App Versus Mobile Website Versus Responsive Website

Every minute that the Internet evolves at lightning speed, it can be intimidating for small business owners to keep up. For most small business owners, worrying about technology advances and trends is the least of all worries. Instead, they focus on a traditional approach that has worked so far. While a traditional perspective makes sense to some extent, mobile marketing […]

Paper handling guidelines

Have a problem with the paper? Does it seem to multiply overnight? Do you clean your desk, only to find an intimidating pile there again just a few days later? You are not alone. Most of my clients struggle with paper management and I myself have a weekly battle with the top of my desk. Here are some guidelines to […]

Repair APB 8 Steam Error Code

APB Error Code 8 / Error Code 8 is a Steam error. Steam users are unable to login frequently enough due to this error. The error usually occurs due to a server problem or it can also occur if server updates are in progress. This article is written to provide solutions to this annoying mistake. Follow the steps below to […]

Squats for boxing

When it comes to weight training for boxing, no other exercise has made such a noticeable difference in my boxing as heavy squats. When I started boxing, I was coming from years of weight training and I was a decent amount of size and strength. Unfortunately, my height of 5’7 “and weighing 177 pounds was not going to put me […]

The ethics of birthday party invitations

One might think that there is nothing more innocent and free-spirited than the act of extending invitations to a birthday party. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because inside planning children’s birthday parties and offering invitations there is a minefield riddled with ethical hurdles and booby traps. Here are three tips to help you maneuver the maze. Pointer # […]

Dog Training – The 4 Quadrants of Operant Conditioning – What They Are and How They Are Used

Like people, dogs are motivated by gain and avoiding pain. Therefore, reinforcement or punishment can be used to train a dog. So what are reinforcements and punishments? Reinforcements are anything that increases the likelihood that a dog will repeat a particular behavior. Similarly, punishments are anything that makes a behavior less likely. However, what may not be very clear is […]