Become an Occupational Health Nurse CEUS

Occupational Health Nurse CEUS Become an occupational health nurse by obtaining your CEUS. Occupational and environmental health nurses are NPs who have received advanced education and professional development. Occupational and environmental health nurses are critical members of interdisciplinary teams that focus on the health of the workforce. These professionals are required to complete ongoing educational programs to maintain their license […]

Have My Powerball Numbers Ever Won?

Powerball Numbers Ever Won The question “have my Powerball numbers ever won?” may sound a little bit silly, but the truth is that you can look up your numbers and see if they have ever won or lost. You may check up to five sets at one time. Then you can enter your numbers for a chance to win big […]

The law and homeschooling?

This is a sure way to ensure that you obey the law safely and that your children are accepted to college. Homeschooling carries several concerns, two of which are whether homeschooling is legal and whether homeschoolers are admitted to colleges. Hearing the question about the legality of homeschooling, I thought, well of course it’s legal, but then again, is it? […]

6 Basic Principles to Understand About Multi-Unit Home Ownership!

While historically owning investment real estate is considered a quality and relatively safe vehicle, it takes some knowledge, understanding, planning and carefully choosing the right/appropriate property to do so! After more than 15 years as a licensed real estate seller in New York State and someone who has repeatedly invested in residential rental properties, I firmly believe that it is […]

Monochrome Ecru

I was a child when I started doing photography. He was probably about thirteen or fourteen years old at the time. Anyway, it was in the early 1970s when black and white photography was still popular and color photography started to take off. And I remember back then; when I was taking pictures and developing my own pictures in the […]

A financial approval can be a moving target

Equipment financing in all markets is always a slightly moving target. Strict credit rules are constantly changing because underwriters and credit teams are under pressure to make the right decision; their jobs depend on it. The squeeze at one end for lenders is to minimize bad debt by avoiding financing customers who end up in default. On the other hand, […]

New types and designs of surfboards: are they really new? What’s the latest from legendary designer Tom Morey?

Creative innovators introduce new types and designs of surfboards all the time, but rarely seem to notice. Surfers in general don’t like change. Most surfers follow the top pro surfers and try to surf their boards, with little success in most cases. If the new type of surfboard is a little different, it is considered “not great”. Surfers will ask, […]

How to find an angel investor?

The term “Angel Investor” has become very popular in recent years. For those who are still new to this term, an angel investor can be an individual or a small business that has a substantial net worth and is interested in investing in a private company that is in its early stages of development. New business owners try to find […]