Safe sports: fencing among the safest

Among the safest sports of all is fencing. Many parents do not want their children to play sports because they are afraid that the children will get hurt in some way, but fencing does not put children at risk. Impact of unsafe sports One of the reasons parents get their kids involved in sports is because it can lead to […]

So what are ICTs?

ICT is a term that has been around for some years, but not everyone is very clear about what exactly it means. While some of us know what Information and Communication Technology stands for, there is still a level of mystery to the term that eludes understanding. The reason behind this is that there is no fully agreed definition of […]

Top 8 Bachelor Party Weekend Disasters

The following is a list of the 8 best bachelor party night and weekend disasters of all time. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but these bachelor parties might want to be forgotten about by those involved. 1. Enough group A friend of mine in Edinburgh lost his job after partying for dollars in 2005. […]

The dish: Celtic green (around the gills)

I’m scanning the experts’ picks. And I don’t see them. I don’t claim to be an NBA guru. Frankly, I can’t watch the game unless the schedule says “May.” The season is achingly long, player efforts patchy at best, daily officiating so bad it’s hilarious. Games in December mean less than nothing: Frankly, it’s probably best not to play your […]

College Football 2007 – Illinois stuns Ohio State 28-21, setting up a fight for the BCS title game

Ron Zook, who was removed as Florida’s head coach after failing to duplicate Steve Spurrier’s record with the Gators, regained some respect by motivating his Fighting Illini to a 28-21 defeat of No. 1 ranked and undefeated Ohio State on Saturday (11-10-07). The victory marked the first time Illinois (8-3) had beaten a No. 1-ranked team since 1956, and the […]

How to get a big name interview

When getting experts for my audio interviews, what I would do is think about my PR expert. My public relations expert does not sell information products. He has a basic website about his PR services, he doesn’t have a huge list, but he’s like a promotional agent. So even when I was starting out and I didn’t have a lot […]

I was a female drug test chaperone

I’ve been in toilets all over Auckland with half-naked women. No, this is not about sex; this is about drugs. In sports. And thanks to Lance Armstrong, everyone knows about drugs in sports and drug testing, but you may not have realized that some drug tests involve urine testing. And I’ve done this for a job. Now you’re wondering, who […]