The Wizard of Oz as an allegory

When Frank Baum wrote the American classic, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in 1900, it was a popular book for young people to read. Later, in 1939, the story was immortalized as a movie, shot partly in black and white and in color, starring Judy Garland, as a young Kansas farmer who hits her head in a tornado and dreams […]

Are they the Chicago Bears for real?

This story reminds me of Baltimore a few years ago, beat it on defense and keep your offense on the field long enough with time of possession to score enough to win with a below-average quarterback and an excellent coach. I’m looking hard at this team, but I still passed them against an overrated Tampa Bay team this weekend and […]

Buffalo Bills 2008 Preliminary Report

The NFL draft features the exciting 2008 NFL season and as soon as the picks are made official, fans start talking. Heading into the new season, the team’s top picks were at wide receiver, cornerback and tight end. The other wide receivers on the team were all less than the standard five-foot-eleven inches, finding a bigger man for the wide […]

Healthy Lifestyles – Your Choice

Health and wellness is a process. Yeah yeah, how many times have you heard that? Have you tried diets? Have you lost weight, put it on, lost it, only to gain weight back and something else? Here is something to consider. Let’s say you keep everything about your lifestyle the same. The way you eat, drink, and your activity level. […]

Top 10 Horse Racing Sites

For the horse racing enthusiast or someone new to the sport, I offer my top ten horse racing websites. The list does not include betting platforms, pure handicap sites or blogs. These horse racing sites revolve around sport-related news, offer an interactive experience, and / or provide participation in contests. Drum roll please. 1) Road to the Roses ( This […]

Gene Smith, Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes Athletic Director (AD) – Bio

Gene Smith is the Athletic Director (or AD for short) of the Buckeyes Athletic Program at Ohio State University (OSU). Mr. Smith oversees a diverse variety of men’s and women’s sports for a school that has the unique distinction of being one of only four colleges to have won national championships in men’s soccer, basketball, and baseball. Gene Smith’s official […]