Cat Training Basics

If you plan to have a kitten or already have a cat, one of your first priorities should be training your pet. Naturally, training a kitten would be easier than training an adult cat, so it’s best to start as soon as possible.

While cats can’t be trained in the same way as dogs, they can be trained to develop good habits. Effective cat training almost always includes discouraging bad habits and encouraging new ones, to prevent potential future cat behavior problems. To achieve this, it is important to maintain good balance while training your pet.

The following article lists some basic cat training tips to keep in mind.

Cat Training Rules

The most important thing you have to make sure that your workouts are full of love and that you never overdo it. Traumatic training sessions could lead to cat behavior problems and, of course, aborted training. So be sure to maintain trust and bond between you and your cat during training sessions.

Certain aspects of training are essential to overcoming cat health problems, and unless your training falls into that category, never force your cat to do something he or she doesn’t want to do. Starting at a young age will help speed up learning. Also, using rewards like cat treats is always a good idea for successful training.

Other Important Aspects of Cat Training

Unlike dogs, cats are not naturally trained and therefore do not respond to the usual reward and punishment routine in the expected manner. It is for this reason that cat training requires more patience than any other training. Punishing your cat for his bad behavior will actually make the situation worse instead of teaching him. So it’s never a good idea to punish your cat, even if you’re frustrated that she’s not doing well.

You should always try to control the environment in which you want your cat to learn. Lastly, try to make the experience of the unwanted behavior something your cat doesn’t want to repeat, as this will help the cat avoid it in the future.

In addition to training a kitten, it’s also important to make sure your pet isn’t suffering from any feline health problems by taking her in for regular checkups at the vet.

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