Happily ever after is better in Seychelles

She’s watched her friends get engaged, and the blossoming love turns into an ever-growing list of “must-haves” that follow in the wake of the announcement. What place, what colors, what dress, who to invite, what dress, who will bake the cake, where to go on honeymoon, WHAT DRESS?! Now that it’s your turn, have you considered handing over all the […]

A Complete Premonition Movie Review

Usually when Sheriff Reilly (Marc Macaulay) informs Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) of the death of her husband, Jim Hanson (Julian McMahon), it would be the end of the story. However, Premonition (2007) is not a typical movie. It’s just the beginning of the movie. She remembers her wedding day as she looks at her wedding photo and falls asleep. Waking […]

True Love: True Betrayal and Baby Boy

I broke up with my first true reciprocal love and my whole world came crashing down. Only the recorded breakup led me to smoke cigarettes again. I quit smoking because my first true love, Miss N., ordered me to quit. It was normal that as long as he went out with Miss N. he would not smoke. Indeed, Miss N. […]