JP Morgan and the future of direct hard money lenders

In early December 2015, JP Morgan announced a strategic partnership with OnDeck Capital, an alternative lending company, to originate, underwrite and distribute loans specifically for small businesses. The news shocked the banking world, as evidenced by a 28% increase in OnDeck’s stock price in a single day and has long-term implications for alternative lenders, of which hard money lenders are […]

Materials to choose for your new kitchen

Modern materials for kitchen cabinets Choosing the right materials for your kitchen cabinets is an integral part of making a kitchen within budget and design concepts. This article describes some of the top and best material choices used in kitchen cabinet and built-in cupboard making. Melamine boards Melamine is a compressed wood chip board with a thin protective layer of […]

Auto Inventory 2010: An Opportunity Cost of Cash for Scrap?

Opportunity costs, by definition, are the benefits that are lost when choosing an alternative from the opportunity set (set of alternative actions available to a decision maker). This article will talk about what could have been a possible opportunity cost when President Obama and the administration decided to adopt an auto industry program and how it has affected that industry […]

Contextualized irony

In this essay, I would like to contextualize irony in various themes. First of all, I would like to trace the origins and etymology of irony. The irony originated in the Greek language of Eiron, the Greek loser who outwitted his strong opponent. From Greek it went to Latin Ironia, which means dissimulation or feigned ignorance. From Latin, it was […]

How to choose the carpet and its advantages

Rugs: style and personality that reflect As with any decorative item, a rug should reflect the style and personality of the homeowner. That said, rugs and other flooring alternatives impact a much larger area and this means they need to fit in with the furniture, colors, and overall style. That is why when choosing a rug you must take into […]

What are the pros and cons of whole foods?

Some say that eating whole foods is a whole lifestyle. It’s not just about eating raw foods or eating unprocessed foods. It is about much more. It’s all about bringing eco-friendly reusable tote bags to pack your purchases; It’s about riding a bike instead of driving to work; It is about dyeing the hair with henna instead of chemicals; It […]

16 essential oils for your dog

Essential oils can produce the desired result faster than herbs. One drop of peppermint oil equals 26 cups of peppermint tea. Essential oils have multiple effects in which many medications generally have only one medical property plus negative side effects. Some health professionals do not recommend applying essential oils to their paws. Pets lick their feet and this could cause […]

Why You Should Buy a Florida Vacation Home

Florida is one of the most popular vacation spots in the country, welcoming millions of tourists each year. While there are several reasonable lodging options available throughout the state, there are some good reasons to purchase your own Florida vacation home. Excellent weather Florida is the sunshine state and not for nothing. It boasts of having a warm climate for […]