Leaving home to be with someone you love

We’ve all been in love once or twice in our lives. And we all wanted to move and live with the other person forever. Some relationships worked, others didn’t. Despite that, we all had that feeling of rushing out of the house for love. But is it correct? Are we rational when we make a decision that is linked to […]

Belize – Melting Pot

The word “Belize” brings to mind images of incredibly clear turquoise waters with fabulous beaches, lush green jungles, along with impressive Mayan ruins. But this small nation is also proud of its diverse culture. Here one can find a unique mix of influences from various cultures and people from various parts of the world. Rich diversity of culture In the […]

What should be the DUTY of a real estate agent?

Many people obtain a license to sell real estate, but far fewer become quality, effective, and meaningful real estate agents! It takes more than mere knowledge, understanding, and/or even commitment to fulfill one’s essential duties and necessary responsibilities, but it is important to consider, examine, and understand the primary responsibilities of an agent. SHOULD! Before one hires the best individual, […]

How to become a pharmacist

Many students these days are pursuing a career in pharmacy. And I can’t blame them. Some advantages of becoming a pharmacist are: 1) Starting salary can range from $75,000 to $150,000 depending on location and need 2) The working hours of a pharmacist are flexible. You can work 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., work overnight, or work your regular 9-5 […]

Why Venice is a great stop on a cruise vacation

Cruising in and around Europe is becoming increasingly popular, and if the 2008-2009 itinerary previews are any indication, cruise passengers will have more choice. In fact, a new cruise line called Azamara even promises not just more Europe, but new European ports of call, which brings us to one of Europe’s oldest ports, the city of Venice. Venice is like […]

The importance of online gaming communities

The world of online gaming is basically about community. The game has gained such popularity that it could now be considered practically mandatory. Being excellent and skilled at playing these video games gives people various social benefits. Gaming communities have proven to be powerful, profitable and, at the same time, very fragile. Based on studies and research done, gaming has […]