Mobster in America – Jack "Legacy" Diamond – The Gangster Who Couldn’t Be Killed

Jack “Legs” Diamond was shot and seriously injured so many times that he was called “The Gangster Who Couldn’t Be Killed”. Diamond, born July 10, 1897, to parents from Kilrush, County Clare in Ireland, spent the first years of his life in Philadelphia. After his mother died of a viral infection when Diamond was thirteen, he and his younger brother […]

How to stop "Silent murderer" of your dreams

In Game 4 of the 1987 Finals, Magic Johnson was in a bind. His team was down and he only had seven seconds to act. He got the ball and the clock dropped to five seconds. Kevin McHale approached him as Magic went for the basket. He encountered a double team when Robert Parish joined McHale. The magic didn’t miss […]

Differences in work ethics between Russians and Americans

Lynn Visson’s “Wedded Strangers” identifies differences in work ethics between Russians and Americans: “Americans, with a work ethic, grew up knowing they would have to work hard to get a job. For Russians, under the Soviet system, the government found them a job or they got a job through personal contacts.” “Under the Soviet system, the idea was to get […]

Pros and cons of zinc countertops

The use of zinc and other metals for countertops and a variety of kitchen surfaces is an emerging trend. Provides a warm look to the kitchen. The color of zinc is more similar to pewter and does not look like stainless steel at all. The finish is actually reminiscent of the duller look unique to bullet metals. Over time, the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of a truck

Buying a truck can be a good option, especially for new car seekers who need a vehicle that can carry heavier cargo and tow heavy loads like a boat. In addition to this, new car finders could also easily get some of the available car loans to buy it. However, this type of vehicle also has its drawbacks. If you […]

Top 10 Ways to Repurpose a Flower Girl Dress

A flower girl always wears a beautiful fashionable dress. The dress, however, can be found in various styles. A girl can wear an Easter dress, a ball gown, or even a sundress for a casual summer wedding. Similarly, a dress can be worn for other special occasions. In fact, there are numerous ways to repurpose a flower girl dress. Top […]

Non-traditional occupations for women: breaking the glass ceiling in corporations

The glass ceiling is a term that has come to mean a barrier to the advancement of women in the workplace. Believe it or not, this quarter celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! The term was created by diversity consultant Marilyn Loden in a 1978 presentation at the Women’s Action Alliance Conference, to “describe the invisible barriers to advancement that […]

Making keto diets work

The truth Ketogenic diets (more specifically cyclical ketogenic diets) are the most effective diets for achieving fast, ultra-low levels of body fat with maximum muscle retention. Now, as with all these general statements, there are circumstantial exceptions. But if done right, which is rarely the case, the fat loss that can be achieved on a ketogenic diet is staggering! And […]