Free CEUS For Nurses – How to Get CEU For Less

How to Get CEU For Less

Obtaining CEUS credits is essential to maintain a nurse’s license, and many organizations offer free courses that will help a nurse fulfill the requirement. The California Board of Nursing requires that nurses complete 30 hours of continuing education every two years, of which 15 hours must be in a live interactive CEU course. The remaining hours can be earned by taking online courses, attending conferences, and workshops.

Intiva Health, a technology-based healthcare company, offers free Nurse CEUs online. Nurses can filter their search by state, accreditation, or specialties to find the appropriate courses. These sites also offer interactive tools that help them track their credits and view their state requirements. The website has courses for all 50 states.

Taking courses to improve nursing knowledge has many benefits. Not only does it help you stay current on the latest industry standards, but it also increases your credibility among your peers. A nurse who keeps abreast of new procedures is more likely to provide quality care. Furthermore, a nurse who completes CE courses improves their reputation, which is important to future employers.

Free CEUS For Nurses – How to Get CEU For Less

While many courses for nurses are free, the majority of them will require money. You should always check the requirements for your state before signing up for a course. For instance, some states require that nurses obtain a certain concentration in order to earn CEU credits. However, this requirement does not mean that a nurse cannot take free courses for continuing education.

Besides attending workshops and conferences, nurses can earn CEUs from other activities. Some hospitals also require their nurses to complete a specific number of hours of continuing education each year. Check with the hospital or unit educator to find out if CEUs are required. For example, a nurse may combine her CEU requirements with a vacation cruise. Other opportunities to earn CEUs include attending seminars and online educational courses. However, a nurse should keep in mind that CEUs are only awarded for professional development activities approved by their state’s board of nursing.

Taking online courses for CEUs can provide nurses with a cost-effective option for meeting CEU requirements. Many online courses are available at a discount or with flexible scheduling. Many also offer a discount if you complete the course early. While some online courses require physical attendance, others are available anywhere and at any time. Either way, online courses can help nurses save money and time.

As a nurse, you must fulfill continuing education requirements for licensure every two years. To maintain your license, you need to earn at least 20 to 30 CEUs. Many employers offer classes for free and even local universities offer guest lectures. However, you can also find free CEUs for nurses online from accredited organizations.

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