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Which Parasitic Homeopathic Remedy Is Right For You?

Is there a homeopathic remedy for parasites and which one is right for me?

All of the homeopathic remedies that I have listed can be taken at low potency levels and up to three times a day for at least six weeks. Continuing with a homeopathic treatment during this period of time is important because the life cycles of many parasites tend to live so long.

Sodium phosphate or “Nat. Phos.”

People infected with intestinal parasites or worm-related disorders should use sodium phosphate. This treatment should be taken three times a day at 6x potency. Nat. Phos. It should be considered if the individual has yellow saliva, an itchy nose, or if the mouth and tongue are covered in a creamy coating along with eye discharge.


Sabadilla is a good choice for those infected with roundworms or related nematodes, such as tapeworms found in beef and pork. This treatment should be studied further if the person has compulsive muscle spasms, constant body tremors, and / or sudden seizures.


Tanacetum can be used in treatments for people affected by intestinal parasites. Tanacetum is a good remedy for those who show symptoms of epilepsy, fatigue and regularly suffer from sudden diarrhea along with severe abdominal pain.


Teucrium is a homeopathic remedy for roundworm, roundworm, and pinworm infections. A person showing symptoms of persistent nervousness and irritability, extreme insomnia, and chronic mucus production should consider Teucrium as a treatment option.

If the patient does not have the symptoms listed above, this does not mean that they are not infected with parasites. It is recommended that precautions be taken to ensure that symptoms do not progress to the severity of those mentioned.

An example of an all-natural treatment to cleanse your intestines of parasites now would be a high-quality digestive cleanse. Good cleansing supplements can remove internal parasites from your body and help regulate your digestive system.

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