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Becoming an English Lawyer – Qualified Lawyer Transfer Plan (QLTS)

English law is held in high esteem; London is among the top legal cities in the world; and talented and qualified lawyers continue to seek to become English lawyers.

The job prospects are decent for lawyers in the UK and by becoming an English lawyer you increase your employability. Once qualified, you will be able to practice cross-border law, finding employment in England, Europe, and beyond in countries such as Australia, South Africa, and Russia. In addition, it broadens your professional knowledge, understanding, and experience, which also broadens your professional perspectives.

As a qualified English attorney, you will be in a stronger position to offer your current and future clients more legal services. In addition to finding employment as a lawyer in England and Wales, your broader career prospects improve when you earn the QLTS. You can choose to practice law in your home jurisdiction, in which case you will benefit from a better career path and marketability. Or work as an English lawyer in London. Or maybe even find a role in an international law firm that is based in the EU, and live and work anywhere in the world.

Whichever career path is right for you, being an English lawyer will bring you more business and greater financial rewards. And this is reinforced by the high level of competence associated with newly qualified lawyers from England and Wales thanks to the assessment method, whether you choose the fast track QLTS route or the domestic route.

Under the existing Qualified Lawyer Transfer Plan, the QLTS (formerly the Qualified Lawyer Transfer Test, QLTT), international lawyers and lawyers in England and Wales are evaluated to ensure that they meet the necessary standards required to practice. English law. Those admitted to the Roll of Solicitors for England and Wales through the QLTS have an even higher professional profile thanks to this high level of evidence.

QLTS training places international attorneys on a par with national attorneys, creating a more level playing field. The same standard is expected of domestic attorneys from foreign attorneys who wish to apply for the QLTS and attorneys who pass the QLTS have the same level of competence as attorneys qualified to practice English law via the domestic route. .

Now is certainly a good time to become an English lawyer, as the financial implications of the recession begin to ease and labor markets open up once more. The QLTS offers two major improvements to candidates compared to the QLTT: there is the English language test and the removal of the experience requirement. Both are positive developments for international lawyers who want to train as English lawyers.

As a result of these enhancements to the QLTS, more confidence is instilled in the selected candidates. There is rigorous testing of the practical skills of all applicants as part of the course. This ensures that no one experiences discrimination, as everyone is treated in the same way and assessed to the same standard, although, of course, because the means of assessment are objective, issues relating to age and age will naturally be taken into account. candidates’ disabilities. Candidates who meet the necessary standard will be admitted as lawyers from England and Wales. Thus, clients will know that all qualified English attorneys, regardless of their path to qualification, are competent and have the professional knowledge, skills, behavior, and ethics necessary to perform their legal duties well.

The QLTS is an affirmative step for all international lawyers and barristers in England and Wales seeking to train as English lawyers. The system is fairer but equally stringent, allowing only the highest caliber attorneys to pass QLTS assessments.

If you want to become an English lawyer, an important factor in determining whether you will pass your QLTS course is the course provider themselves. Without excellent teaching, informational materials, a support network, and experienced staff to guide you, getting through will be more difficult. The QLTS School program offers a dedicated approach to QLTS assessments, and because it is completely focused on one test, students really benefit from a variety of advice and support that is always available.

The QLTS School is committed to helping international lawyers become lawyers in English. Our website has information for every stage of the process, from what you need to do to be eligible for the QLTS to applying for the course. There are career tips, the benefits of practicing English law, and guidance for each step of the course.

With over ten years of experience and thousands of international attorneys who have successfully qualified as English attorneys, the QLTS school has an excellent reputation and a high candidate approval rate. The QLTS course is comprehensive and convenient, and you will have all the materials you need to study, including distance learning courses, video and audio lectures, and access to the online study portal, and the freedom to study when it suits you best. The study portal allows you to communicate with other candidates, as well as access all teaching tools, including videos, audio, and PowerPoint presentations.

Created by trained legal professionals who have worked extensively with international lawyers and understand their needs, the QLTS School program provides you with everything you need to pass your QLTS assessments and enjoy an extensive career as a lawyer in English.

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