Lice Treatment – Only Work With A Reputable Nit Removal Company!

Not all nit removal services are the same, so when choosing one to treat your family it is essential that you do your homework.

Studies around the world show that lice are becoming increasingly resistant to over-the-counter lice treatment products and even prescription products. This fact, along with the growing trend to stop using harmful chemicals in our daily lives, has led an increasing number of parents to seek alternative products and treatment methods when their children contract these dreaded parasites.

One area that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years due to these factors is the niche of professional nit removal services. These services are a lifeline for many parents overwhelmed with little free time. However, as with any business you hire, it’s critical to be an educated consumer and know what to look for.

Anyone can buy some non-toxic products and a lice comb and pretend to be a professional. So, to protect yourself and your family, follow some basic guidelines when choosing a nit removal service in your area.

Find a company with the right training and education. There are no state licensing or regulatory requirements in this emerging field, so you can be unpredictable when choosing a service. Look for companies that are certified in the floss-by-floss Shepherd Method of nit removal. This is important not only for home treatment, but also for salon treatment.

This safe and proven means of treating head lice was developed at a non-profit lice awareness and treatment center in Florida called the Lice Solutions Resource Network (LSRN). Katie Shepherd, CEO, developed this string-by-string nit removal method as a safe and highly effective means of treatment. Companies trained and certified in this method are known to provide superior service and treatment to families. These companies are also up-to-date on research, as they have access to the latest head lice studies that LSRN is involved with.

Another important issue to consider is security. Any time you hire someone to come to your home, there are certain issues to be aware of. You need to make sure that anyone you allow into your home is actually there to perform the services for which they were hired. Verifying that a business is licensed, registered and insured is the first step in protecting your family. For added peace of mind, you can also check with your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau to see if they are featured members.

Another precaution to take is to make sure that all employees or independent contractors hired by the company are properly vetted. Doing thorough background checks as part of the hiring process is a good indication that you’re dealing with a reputable company that makes customer safety a priority.

Families dealing with head lice often feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of this to reproduce myths that perpetuate irrational fears about infestations. In other words, they may try to sell you unnecessary products. Look what they are selling. If they have a whole line of products meant to get rid of lice in your home and clothes, that may be a red flag. Some companies even sell hand soap to kill lice.

All of these are a complete waste of money. Anyone who is properly trained and abreast of current research knows that head lice in the environment pose virtually no transmission threat. Therefore, there is no reason to focus on excessive environmental cleanup. Products that “treat” the home, because or laundry are unnecessary and a waste of time and money. Don’t hesitate to hire a company that focuses too much on environmental cleanliness and excessive bagging of items that cannot be washed.

There is a lot to think about when hiring a lice removal service to come to your home. Just because you’re stressed and short on time doesn’t mean you have to be uninformed. Take these precautions outlined above when choosing a company and you’ll be on your way to becoming and staying lice free!

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