How do you choose a good English Mastiff breeder?

If you go to Google and type “English Mastiff Breeders”, you will receive almost 890,000 entries. How is it possible to select a reputable breeder?

First of all, take your time. You are buying a dog that will be your companion and friend for at least the next 10 years. Take the time to do your research to finally choose a good breeder, preferably a breeder who is one of the champion English Mastiff breeders. How will you know when you have found a good breeder? A good breeder:

Breed only mastiffs that are show champions, quality animals that are typical of their breed in both appearance and temperament.

Be experienced and don’t just be raising a pet in the backyard to earn some extra money.

They carefully plan which male and which bitch to mate, in order to pass on positive qualities to the next generation.

Have documentation from a veterinarian showing that the parents are healthy and free of the most common diseases.

It allows you to meet the puppy’s parents.

Take care of the English Mastiff puppies, allowing them to stay full time with the mother for the first few weeks of life, providing them with quality food once they start eating, and ensuring that they receive their first vaccinations.

They don’t release cubs from their mother until they are at least seven weeks old.

Register puppies with the American Kennel Club (in the United States), the UK Kennel Club (in Great Britain), or another reputable dog club.

They offer a written contract.

It is vital that you find a reputable English Mastiff breeder, do your homework. Visit dog shows, read books and magazines, ask questions, and get recommendations.

You want to be sure that the English Mastiff breeder you choose is the right one because chances are you will find that if you find any English Mastiffs for sale, they won’t be cheap.

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