What is poisonous croquet?

A simple form of croquet is played in some areas of the western United States, different from the traditional competitive forms of croquet. This type of croquet is often called Poison and is a favorite of amateur or casual croquet players. Poison croquet is played using the standard nine-wicket croquet set. It can be played by 2,3,4,5 or 6 players. […]

Diablo 2 Last Wish – Combine Fade and Life Tap to constantly frustrate your dueling partners Part 1

Last Wish is a runeword used on axes, hammers, or swords, and is considered the most expensive runeword in Diablo 2 due to the fact that it requires six runes, each of which falls into the category of extremely rare. Last Wish is often compared to that other Runeword, Breath of the Dying, which is also considered extremely expensive due […]

Dad’s Dozen protects children

Parents, take a moment to feel peaceful love for your children. Then check out these crucial tips to keep your child safer and protect your precious offspring from the danger that lies ahead. 1. NOW I KNOW MY ABC If your child is old enough to learn the ABCs, then teach him your phone number including the 1, area code, […]