What is the WMV file?

Before you can play these types of files, you need to know a little about this file format. You can view this type of file format from a hard drive or any other medium. The latest version of this file type is WMV9. It should be noted that, in turn, to play the WMV file format, you will need to obtain a codec. This is software that reads the file format easily and creates video and audio images from the provided data.

Playing WMV files on a Microsoft Windows computer

If you have your own computer running Microsoft Windows 98 and higher, you should have no problem playing these types of file formats. But if you want the best results, you need a video card, a decent amount of RAM, a decent processor, and a sound card. You can find particular system requirements on the Internet. However, the overwhelming majority of PC users could easily see these types of files.

Since Microsoft creates this type of file, your operating system must have “Windows Media Player” already installed. WMP file formats already have codec for viewing audio and video files. It should be recognized that if your PC is quite old, you may want to update it to the latest version of WMP which is free and very easy to use.

To play this type of file, simply start “Windows Media Player” and select the WMV file you want to play. It is easy! If you are not a fan of these products, you can use any other media player that includes the WMV codec. Media players include Winamp DivX and VLC could easily play this kind of file format.

Playing WMV files on a Linux computer

It should be noted that there are some media players that are compatible with Linux. It already includes the codec for files of this type. Linux includes the Essential Media Package, VLC player, and Xine. Like the Mac, you will need to download and install the software and then open it to view the WMV files.

Playing WMV files on an Apple Macintosh computer

For those with a Macintosh personal computer, they can also enjoy these types of file formats simply by downloading “Windows Media Player” from the Internet.

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