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What is a Neopets Zafara?

Perhaps the most famous and beloved Neopet in all of Neopia is the infamous Zafara. This creature was first introduced to the Neopet kingdom Neopia in May 2000. The original concept of this Neopet was actually created by a Neopet user who goes by the in-game name of chanii1234. His design was submitted to the “Design a Pet” contest and ultimately won. When asked how he selected the name of the creature, he said that he had learned that one of the first giraffes that a man had ever seen was called “Zarafa”, so he decided to name his creation with a similar name. , Zafar.

The Zafaras are one of the oldest pets to roam the land of Neopia and no doubt played a significant role in our Neopian nation taking the form many of you know today. Almost a year after its creation, the designers decided to completely redraw the character. This new design was released to the land of Neopia and Neopet fans got their first look at the new creature in early 2001.

Some important features of the Zafara are easily noticeable. They always have 3 spikes on their backs, never 4 or 5 or 2, always 3. If you think you’ve seen a Zafara with 4 spikes on its back, you just met an impostor, my good friend. And chances are, if you saw a Zafara, chances are it heard you long before you knew you were ever near one. They are famous for their great sense of hearing. Zafaras actually has the best hearing of any other pet in Neopia.

With only 2 fingers and a thumb on each hand, they are not known to be overly aggressive and violent. However, if he messes around and tempts a Zafara, he should be warned. They have an extremely long tail that they often use to cast a galactic gaze at opponents they face on the battlefield.

If you can find a Zafara to be your best friend, then you are in Neopia. They are an extreme source of good luck, making everything work in their favor. So do yourself a favor and adopt a Zafara as your next beloved Neopet.

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