What advantages do gel-infused pillows offer for side sleepers?

advantages do gel-infused pillows offer for side sleepers

A pillow’s fill material and loft are a major factor for side sleepers, who require more substantial support to keep their spine aligned. Gel-infused pillows are a great option for this group because they have a unique cooling and temperature-regulating properties that make them more comfortable for a night of restful sleep. And, as an added bonus, they often feature hypoallergenic constructions that are resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

The best side sleeper pillows offer medium to firm levels of support for side sleepers, which promotes proper spinal alignment and alleviates pressure points. They also typically have a higher loft than other pillow types, which can help prevent the head from sinking too deeply into the bed. The Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow is a highly customizable option. It is filled with a blend of shredded memory foam and microfiber, allowing you to adjust the loft and firmness by adding or removing fill. This adjustability ensures that you can find the perfect height for your head and neck, promoting optimal alignment. Additionally, the pillow’s breathable cover helps keep you cool throughout the night.

Memory foam is one of the most common and effective gel pillow materials for this sleeping position, because it has a slow response to pressure and offers body-contouring support. However, memory foam can be prone to trapping heat, so opting for gel-infused or shredded memory foam fill (instead of solid blocks of memory foam) and selecting a lower-profile pillow can mitigate this issue.

What advantages do gel-infused pillows offer for side sleepers?

Additionally, a gel pillow can have a more flexible structure than other types of pillows, which helps alleviate neck pain. These pillows can be shaped to fit the curve of the neck or designed with a u-shape that fits around your shoulder for more neck support. Another good option for side sleepers is a shredded latex pillow, which offers more of a bouncier feel than other pillow materials and is resistant to sinkage over time. Additionally, a latex pillow is naturally cooling and hypoallergenic.

In addition to traditional shredded memory foam, there are also gel-infused pillows made of a combination of memory foam and latex, which is a great option for those with allergies or sensitivities. Many of these pillows also come with a removable gel layer, which allows you to customize the level of cooling and firmness you prefer.

Choosing a gel pillow for a neck problem is a little more complicated than picking a pillow for a back or stomach sleeping position, because you want to find the right balance between a high enough loft and enough cushioning to provide neck support. If you suffer from neck pain or have a cervical disc herniation, consider a cervical memory foam pillow, which is specifically designed to alleviate neck tension by supporting the natural curve of your spine. This type of pillow usually features a wavy shape that fits into the curve of your neck to reduce strain and improve posture.

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