Ways to Look Intimidating When Playing Paintball

The game of paintball is not just about playing paintball. It’s also about looking amazing and making the opposition think you’re better than them, even before the first shot is fired. To do this, you must make yourself look intimidating and professional when you enter the field. This article will explain the best ways to intimidate the opposition, simply by changing the clothes you wear on the field.


The best way to look like a badass on the paintball field is to choose the right paintball goggle. The best option for this is the VForce Grills paintball mask. Google them and you’ll see what I mean, but they look really evil and change the shape of your head to make you look like a really evil paintball player. The best choice is white because it stands out and is very intimidating when the whole team is wearing the same mask.


The only thing better than having the baddest goggle is topping it off with a special lens. Ideally, you want to get a lens that completely hides your eyes and face from anyone outside. It means gamers can’t see your wide-eyed, panicked expression when you’re playing, and it makes you look totally cool, focused on the game, and very scary. Most paintball goggles come with clear lenses by default, so you’ll want to buy a separate lens, which is tinted black or, for best effect, you can also sometimes buy lenses with a silver or mirror effect. golden. These are really impressive and give the best effect. Just keep in mind that these lenses will tend to block out a lot more light because they’re so dark, so if you’re gaming indoors or in low-light conditions, it may not be the right choice.


Color coordinate each piece of your kit and make sure there is a consistent theme. Plan it from the start and make sure everything matches your shoes, pants, t-shirt, paintball gun, and whatever accessories you choose to wear. If everything matches, you will look like a professional and everyone will automatically assume that you are much more skilled just because of your appearance.


Make sure all your teammates wear the same things and have the exact same theme too. This will greatly increase the intimidation factor of your clothing, as you will go from looking like a bunch of players together to a compact professional unit that has been playing together for some time.

Follow these steps and you’ll scare your opponents into losing before you even get on the field!

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