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The three disciplines: the journey begins

My name is Jeff. Like Xavier from the X-Men, I am recruiting a talented group of disciplines that can come together to form a super team in the sport of Triathlon. I have selected the best coach to take these disciplines and turn them into an amazing team to conquer it all, his name is Buzz. This will not be an easy task. It will take years of work and an incredible journey for this team of disciplines to come together and work together. Each discipline has its own personality, its good and bad qualities. The coach must mold them together and make them all they can be. I am committed to making this work, but each discipline will work hard. We already knew the disciplines and now the journey begins.

It was a cold and wet morning when training was to begin. Buzz wanted us to meet up first, he had a few things to tell each of us. He had not worked in any of the disciplines and only now were they joining. Each of the disciplines has already been used sparingly over the years. The Swim had been something he had worked on when he was young, swimming a mile in boy scouts and just enjoying being in the water. However, the Swim was not disciplined and he had no idea of ​​the intricacies that the trainer was going to throw at him. In fact, Buzz told him, “You’ve got to get better in every area to be good. If you’re going to be on this team, you’ve got to study and study and study form. YOU MUST KEY ON FORM!” The Swim was not discouraged, as he had a small chip on his shoulder and wanted to prove himself to the other disciplines.

The cycle had also been used sparingly. I had always loved riding my bike, but my gear was a Mongoose mountain bike from Wal-Mart. Certainly Cycle was eager, but he would need the right equipment to start racing as a discipline. How would I get the necessary equipment? The cycle was also weak in the areas where it needed to be stronger, like pedal stroke, cadence, climbing, and general endurance. The cycle had less to do with form, but the coach told him point-blank, “Get stronger or get off the team.” Cycle was not going to have his manhood challenged or left behind in any way.

The Run arrived at the first meeting ready for some action. He was cool as a cucumber and ready to take on anything thrown at him. In fact, he felt that he was the most prepared of all the other disciplines. He had run a 5K and had some experience learning how to run properly. He didn’t think the coach would have much to say to him, but in the end the coach said, “You better be ready to take all the punishment and pain. You have to do the last of the race and finish.” well. You have to pick up the pieces from the other disciplines and what’s left over for you to take, you take it to the end.” The trainer reminded The Run: “You can be good in your individual races, but when you join the other disciplines is a whole new world.

The coach, Buzz, was not an easy guy to get along with. He is the part of my brain that wants to be really good at this sport. He doesn’t want to accept that I’m just old and the disciplines will never learn. Buzz is always pushing harder. He even looked at me in the first meeting and said, “You have to put it all together. You have to take these disciplines and their individual effort and drive us to the end. You can’t give up and you have to score in the right way.” effort, nutrition and endurance to make us the best.

I left the meeting feeling pretty good in all disciplines. They all seemed ready to begin the work ahead of them. Buzz had some harsh words for each of us, but overall there was a great spirit of unity and teamwork. I just hope we can keep it that way. Buzz said, “Training starts tomorrow, don’t be late. We start with The Swim.”

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