studied Gen Z news habits and can say without a doubt

Gen Z news

Unlike older generations characterized by steadfast loyalty to news sources, Gen Z has no such allegiance. Instead, their trust in news and information is anchored not by their relationship to media brands but by the authenticity of that content. As a result, Gen Z has an entirely new view of what qualifies as news.

This generation has been born into a digital world, and technology isn’t merely a part of their lives; it defines them. Having spent their entire lives with the internet at their fingertips, Gen Z news can’t imagine a life without it. This unique perspective makes them a difficult group for the media to reach, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

They’re less likely than Millennials to visit traditional news sites and more likely to find breaking news on social media apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat. But that doesn’t mean they’re less interested in the news. In fact, they’re far more interested in lifestyle and entertainment news than any other subject. The hottest news topics are celebrity and music, TV and movies, food and cooking, and traffic and weather. Politics and business rank at the bottom of their list.

studied Gen Z news habits and can say without a doubt

Despite their lack of trust in specific news sources, Gen Z is still very concerned about societal issues, such as inequality, climate change, and gun control. They also value transparency and authenticity from their news sources, and they are especially wary of any news that doesn’t seem to be based on hard facts. If they do come across facty-sounding but unsubstantiated claims, they’ll head to the comments for more information and opinions from their peers.

What’s more, the broader definition of what qualifies as news for this generation is a huge opportunity for the media to engage with this audience. Instead of focusing solely on politics and current events, the media industry could broaden their content to entertain, inform and explore subjects that matter to Gen Z.

As they explore the world around them, this group is a thirsty consumer of new information. They’re constantly connecting with their friends, family, and the media to get a full picture of the latest developments. According to Jigsaw, a digital anthropology firm, Gen Z is more likely than Millennials to watch long-form videos on YouTube or Vimeo rather than short-form videos on TikTok. These videos, which are often hosted by news organizations, provide a deeper level of information on a subject.

The good news for the media is that this demographic is willing to spend time with their favorite news brands if it’s in the form of an explainer video. So, if you want to keep up with the Gen Z news cycle, be sure to incorporate more explainer videos into your content strategy.

Although Gen Z is more likely to use social media and messaging services for their daily dose of news, they’re just as likely to go to local news outlets to get the details on crime, public safety, traffic and weather, and COVID-19. In fact, more than half of those who follow news about crime and public safety say they do so by using local TV stations or websites or through a local newspaper’s app.

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