Pilates East Sheen – Is the Reformer For Beginners?

Pilates East Sheen

If you’re a beginner, the Reformer can seem daunting. However, the Pilates equipment is built to support you through your Pilates practice as your strength and flexibility increase. You can even use the equipment to rehabilitate from injuries, as Joseph Pilates himself did.

It’s important that you start your Pilates journey with a qualified instructor who can take the time to assess your fitness level and advise on appropriate classes for you. It’s also a good idea to take a few intro classes to familiarize yourself with the Reformer Pilates East Sheen and all its parts before you jump into a regular class. This will help prevent injury and allow you to feel comfortable and safe on the equipment.

During an intro session, you can ask your instructor any questions you might have and learn the basics of how to get on and off the Reformer as well as the terminology. This will make the transition into a regular class much easier!

Pilates East Sheen – Is the Reformer For Beginners?

You should wear clothing that will allow you to move freely and easily. It’s best to avoid clothes with belts, zips or any other accessories that may obstruct your movement. Wearing comfortable, breathable workout gear is also crucial to your comfort and can help you concentrate more on your movements.

Once you’ve completed a few intro sessions, it’s a good idea to attend a beginner Pilates class. The instructor will be able to guide you through the fundamentals of how to use the equipment and help you to develop a strong foundation for your future practice. Beginners’ classes are generally slower than intermediate classes and will focus on correcting technique and moving slowly to maintain control of the exercises.

As a beginner, it’s important to listen to your body and stop if you feel pain or discomfort. Pushing through pain isn’t the Pilates way and can lead to injury. It’s always better to speak up and let your instructor know what’s going on – they are there to help you!

You’ll find a wide range of classes at both the Sheen and Richmond studios. We offer both private (just you and your instructor) and semi private (you and one other student with an instructor) sessions. All of our instructors are fully insured and experienced in working with a variety of health and injury issues such as joint hyper-mobility, osteoporosis, lower back pain, pre/post-natal and elite athletes.

The studio has a number of different pieces of equipment including two reformers, full trapeze table and wunda chair in Sheen and a ladder barrel and the full trapeze table in Richmond. This allows us to create classes that are bespoke for the needs of our clients. Each session is designed to strengthen the core, improve balance and coordination as well as connect with your breath and build a stronger sense of body awareness. The Sheen & Richmond studios have dedicated studio instructors who can guide you through the complete repertoire of Pilates exercises.

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