Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrades

The Dodge Challenger began its rapid reign of power in the early 1970s and ran for four years and then was discontinued for another four years, followed by five more years, and then disappeared. Until the third-generation challenger emerged in full force in 2008. This lost beast’s debut was in February. 6, 2008. And yes, it comes with a Hemi. […]

Physical custody hours: What are the benefits of a 50/50 or 60/40 plan?

The days when one parent has custody and the other has a few “visitation” days are disappearing in divorce court. Many parents and judges are finding that children adapt better to divorce when they spend frequent time with both parents. This has brought in around 50/50 or 60/40 physical custody. What do these custody schedules mean? Basically, the numbers represent […]

Cricket games: better than the real thing?

Computer cricket games are part of the fun for most junior cricketers (and some of the older ones). The virtual cricket world is almost as intricate as the real one, and it takes great skill to be an expert. Junior cricketers can show adults some of the most important points, but here are some pros and cons that can help […]

Off-season weight training for wrestlers

Most fighters want to increase muscle mass to become stronger and more solid in their weight class or to grow to be able to move to the next category. To be a successful fighter, technique, speed, flexibility, and conditioning are at the top of every coach’s list to develop the most important attributes. All things being equal, being stronger than […]

Am I a medium? 5 things worth knowing about awakening your psychic abilities

1 – Do you think that only famous psychic mediums can communicate with “the other side”? Think again! The vast majority of psychic or spiritual experiences occur to COMMON people. While many people turn to psychic mediums to communicate with loved ones they have “crossed over”, the overwhelming majority of these kinds of extraordinary experiences are experienced by ordinary people. […]

Juice recipes to help cleanse your colon

There must be a sale. Either that or there has been a colon breakthrough in the news that I missed from being stuck in the gym for the past week. I have received at least a dozen juice recipe emails from my readers regarding colon cleansing, asking or touting its benefits, or asking how it can help them lead a […]

La Liga 2011-12 preview: Real Madrid Vs Osasuna

Real Madrid will host Osasuna on Sunday, November 6, 2011 in La Liga. Real Madrid are coming off a 1-0 away win against Real Sociedad in their last La Liga match. HiguaĆ­n scored in the 9th minute to give Madrid an early lead and that was enough to secure three game points for the visitors. The goal was achieved after […]