Tips, Tricks, and Tips on Auto Insurance

Don’t risk the financial burden by not having car insurance for yourself or your teen drivers! Having car insurance protects you and helps offset costs, in the event you are in a car accident. Use the following tips to choose the right car insurance company that meets your or your teen driver’s needs. When choosing auto insurance, make sure you […]

Construction Marketing

As a contractor, if you don’t have a direct response system, you are leaving cash on the table. Absolutely every contact you have with anyone who may be a prospect or who even one day meets someone who may need your services NEEDS A DIRECT RESPONSE SYSTEM OR IS LOSING THE BOAT. What is “direct response”, you ask? It is […]

Celebrating the holiday season during COVID-19

Yes, it is the last month of the year 2020. December is a month expected by many, especially children, the Christmas season. It is also a time to remember or look back on what had happened over the past few months and a time to plan for the year 2021. During the past few months we faced tremendous trials, problems, […]

50 percent of American children with mental health conditions go untreated, claims study

Half of the children in the United States with some type of mental disorder do not receive treatment, revealed a recently published study. The researchers analyzed data collected from the 2016 National Child Health Survey, a nationwide survey administered to parents of young adolescents. The findings revealed that of the 46.6 million young people in the 6 to 18 age […]

What do all aromatherapy scents mean?

When setting up a meditation area for relaxation or to use in yoga classes, many people use incense, candles, and / or essential oils. Scent is a powerful and wonderful tool that can be used to fill a space or our body with qualities and symbolism that match the intentions or goals of any practice. Sometimes during Savasana (or Corpse […]