It is not false

It has been my life since I was born. It’s in my blood and I refuse to let it go. It’s something I can’t live without, and if I lost it, all hell would break loose. I didn’t hold onto my toys or cheer on my hometown sports team. I turned on my TV and watched all these super athletes […]

Video screen splitter: transmission of signals from multiple sources to a single destination

A video screen splitter is a device used to transmit images from multiple sources simultaneously on a single display device. Also known as a distribution amplifier, this device transmits images without data loss and it appears that the source is connected directly to the screen. Consisting of two units, a local transmitter placed next to the source and a receiver […]

Retro Vehicles: Is Volkswagen Next?

Retro-styled vehicles are all the rage today and the Volkswagen New Beetle was one of the first of many of these types of cars to appear on the market. Given VW’s long-standing popularity, other long-recalled models are certainly copy-worthy, don’t you agree? The Karmann Ghia, the Thing and the Scirocco are a few that come to mind, however they are […]

How to Create a Buzz About Your Business

Creating a buzz about your business means you have to do something to get people talking about you and your business. Today, it is important to generate buzz about your business, especially since there are so many people to compete with. But, if you can differentiate yourself in this way, you will win a lot of new customers. Submit a […]

Pre-reading skills

Many of your child’s early reading skills come naturally during childhood as you read and talk to him. By doing this, you have instilled essential skills that will help them develop pre-reading skills. When your child has reached preschool age, he will be ready for preschool reading. Pre-reading skills for preschoolers are what your child needs to become a reader. […]