From zero to $ 1 million in 20 years

American workers are not saving enough for retirement. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, more than half of American workers have saved less than $ 25,000 for retirement. A quarter of Americans aged 65 to 74, reports the US Census Bureau, continue to work after retirement age. If you are among the millions of Americans who work, have little […]

Signed mini helmet: how much are they worth?

When you start collecting a signed mini helmet from your favorite football teams, it is not difficult to think of the potential value they can have in the future when they win a Superbowl or a franchise player is recognized as an influential figure in the NFL, ex. Brett Favre (great player just without a Superbowl ring as of this […]

The end of raw materials

After college, my first car was a Toyota Corolla hatchback. The engine was a very well designed piece of machinery. I wish I could say the same for the body panels, which quickly took on the look of rusty Swiss cheese; the holes widen year after year. Thanks to these episodes, automobile manufacturers began to use galvanized steel: the body […]

Career Options Using Photography and the Skills Needed to Succeed

There are many different jobs that involve photography, including: -Portrait / studio / wedding: focuses on images of people and sells images to families and individuals -Sports: action photos, from children’s leagues to professional and Olympic levels. -Commercial / Product Photography: Each ad has images taken by someone. Photography of jewelry, food, automotive and fashion are some examples. -Artistic / […]