Online Sports Betting Secrets – Bet Against Lousy Teams!

Sports betting experts often make their choices by betting against a certain team, rather than necessarily betting on the team they think is going to win. In other words, sometimes when you know a team is terrible, you can make money from sports betting simply by betting against the terrible team.

Here is a perfect example. Take a look at my analysis of Southern Miss vs. Memphis NCAA College Football Game:

Southern Miss -7 in Memphis

This game pits Southern Miss, 4-4 SU, against a very bad Memphis team that has been 1-7 this season, and their only win was against an equally bad Chattanooga team in Week 2. That puts to Memphis in the middle of a 6-game losing streak, while Southern Miss isn’t doing much better, losing 3 of its last four.

But here is the key to this game. Southern Miss just can’t move the ball when they’re too even. In their 4 defeats they have scored only 7,6,6 and 17 points. However, when they play against teams that can push, they have the offense of putting points on the board. In her 4 victories, Southern Miss has scored 45, 37, 31 and 19 points.

Meanwhile, Memphis has given up more than 35 points in 5 of its last 6 games and 26 in its game against Arkansas St. This tells me that Southern Miss is likely to rack up a lot of points tonight.

Look for Southern Miss simply to beat Memphis and score a lot of points tonight, while keeping the Memphis offense under 20 points. The bottom line is that I would expect Southern Miss to win this victory by going, 31-17, easily covering the 7-point line.

So what was the final score? Southern Miss won 42-21, easily overcoming the 7-point difference.

How much money do you think the sports betting pros made at this game simply by acknowledging how bad the Memphis team was?

Often it is not necessary to try to figure out who is going to win close matches. People who aren’t good at sports betting are often fooled into trying to figure out who is going to win tight games, like the Super Bowl.

When you bet on a game where you know a team is terrible, you already know that the best team is going to win, it’s just a matter of how much they will win.

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