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Natural and effective treatments for ringworm

Having ringworm sounds a lot worse than it really is, and it can be cured quite easily. Ringworm, which isn’t actually a worm, by the way, it’s a fungus, is usually spread through contact with pets or animals that have been infected. It is most common among children because they run around passing it to each other like a game of tag, but adults can get it too. It is highly contagious, so the first thing you should do is limit your exposure to ringworm. If you have pets, you should quarantine them to prevent further infection.

ringworm treatments

Ringworm treatments range from topical to oral and can be expensive, not to mention the many possible side effects. However, this article will not tell you about creams and antibiotics. Nappyhead prefers a natural, alternative approach to ringworm treatments. So here are some helpful tips to get rid of ringworm.

Scalp ringworm is sometimes more difficult to cure than other areas, but shea butter soap has been found to be helpful in most cases. An herbal tea made from goldenseal root can also be used topically to cure the infection. Moisten the affected area with a solution consisting of a teaspoon of goldenseal soaked in a pint of boiling water. Let cool to room temperature and then apply. Goldenseal root is a popular fungus-fighting herb used for detoxification.

Tea tree oil is most often recommended for the treatment of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, candida treatment, and ringworm treatments. Tea tree oil can be used undiluted on the skin, but in sensitive cases, some may wish to dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil (12 drops of tea tree oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil).

Oregano oil contains compounds that inhibit the growth of fungi, worms, and other organisms. It is an excellent antifungal and antimicrobial agent, making it another option for ringworm treatments.

Don’t feed ringworm!

Fungi thrive in an acidic environment, so you naturally want to combat this by making your body as alkaline as possible. This would mean eliminating or minimizing sugar, milk, and dairy products in the diet to supplement ringworm treatment. By reducing acidic products in the diet, you are starving the fungus. If you can’t feed yourself, you can’t live. In addition to an alkaline diet, consider probiotic enzymes with acidophilus to build the good bacteria that will help fight fungus.

In short, an effective all-natural ringworm treatment would include:

*Avoid antibiotics. They kill the friendly bacteria that the body needs to keep everything in check.

*Modify diet to eliminate acidic, fungus-loving foods (milk, dairy, sugar)

*Clean the affected area with antifungal oils and herbs.

*Use of digestive enzyme supplements and probiotic enzymes with acidophilus to promote healthy intestinal flora

There is always a natural treatment for the disease if you are willing to do some research and exploration. Why should finding an alternative treatment for ringworm be any different? Be well… and ringworm free.

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