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Menu Printing Tips: How To-Go Menus Could Save Your Restaurant

Many pizza operators believe that they will prosper in business simply by making a great meal and listing their foods and prices on a piece of paper.

This concept is flawed and will in most cases fail.

In this highly competitive age, other restaurants constantly feature unique advertising and promotions to attract customers. If you want to turn your pizzeria into a profitable business, you need to follow certain guidelines when designing, printing, and distributing your menus.

First, try to design a menu that looks appetizing and attractive. It must also look extremely attractive in terms of branding and color scheme. Your menu design will help create an appealing image of your pizzeria in the minds of pizza lovers, which quickly translates into increased sales.

Second, you need to make sure the font is easy to read. If your flyers are easy to read, it will help attract more customers and “convenience purchases.” When ordering takeout, no one wants to spend half an hour trying to find the food they want and figure out how to order it. Keep it clear, descriptive and simple.

Third, make your pizza flyers and menus very colorful. Make sure the background and images in the menu are eye-catching and at least of the same quality that your competitors use (or better!). Never print your brochures in black and white as customers are instantly put off by price lists without pictures. Although it will help you save money, printing in black and white will reduce your sales and damage your image in the long run. Everything you do should be optimized to attract customers and drive purchases.

Another great tip is to enclose coupons and special offers when printing the menu. If you do, make sure customers know about it! For example, on your menu cover use the line:

New menu, lower prices!

See valuable coupons inside!

Include a unique company mascot on your menu if possible, or at least some type of logo. This will have an extremely valuable long-term effect and help you stand out from your competitors.

Lastly, try giving new and innovative names to your pizzas, as well as other foods mentioned on your menu. This will help catch your customers’ attention more easily and distinguish your restaurant. It is more enjoyable to eat “The Super 3-Meat Pizza” than a large 3-topping pizza.

By following these tips when printing your menu, you can increase your sales at a considerable rate.

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