How to best prevent your truck’s brakes from overheating and what to do if you notice a problem

Overheated semi truck brakes are something no driver wants to have to deal with. And often, this type of problem can be completely prevented. However, there are cases where the brakes overheat – and sometimes even catch fire! – before the problem is identified.

It is important to have regular checkups to make sure your brakes are in good condition. This will reduce the possibility of the brakes overheating while driving, which is dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

What are the most common reasons for brake fires?

There are several reasons why your truck’s brakes can overheat and catch fire. These reasons include:

Bad braking method

Not all drivers use the correct braking method. Are you ever guilty of this? If so, you should work on getting into the habit of braking properly! If you see or smell smoke after braking, you should stop and turn off the truck immediately. If you are on a downhill slope, get to the bottom of the hill and stop there.

Drag brakes

Brakes that drag while driving can cause problems like overheated brakes. Not only that, but also wheel bearing failure or wheel grease fires that can even get into the truck tires. This type of problem is most common on the rear trailer of the semi-trailer.

Badly balanced brakes

An imbalance in the brakes can cause the disc brakes to overheat. This can cause the grease in the bearings to catch fire. Poorly balanced brakes most often occur on a multi-trailer semi-trailer when not all trailers are braking properly, causing the imbalance.

Wheel bearing failure

As noted above, drag brakes can cause wheel bearing failure. This means that the wheel axle is off the center line of the axle. When it is off-center and the brakes are dragging, an overheating fire can occur. Also, when one is off-center, another could soon follow, causing even more problems.

What You Can Do To Reduce The Chances Of Overheating

It is important that you have regular maintenance checks with a truck tire repair service or 24-hour truck tire repair service to reduce the chances of experiencing serious problems on the road. It is also important that if you notice anything strange while driving, you stop and do your own inspection or call a mobile truck repair service or 24-hour truck repair service to help you and make sure your truck is safe. drive.

You can do your own inspection by looking at the brakes, wheels, and tires, checking for broken wheel seals, and other potential problems. You must also ensure that there is no accumulation of oil or grease around the wheels, axles, and engine.

What to do if a fire starts in your truck

If any part of your trailer catches fire, use your fire extinguisher to attack the base of the fire. Next, you need to call a trucking service company for help.

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