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How special does the event have to be to deserve a luxurious portable potty?

A Red Tie dress code does not necessarily require guests to wear a red tie when decorating the event; although the guests can do it if they wish. It is eventually a Black Tie affair, but it has been renamed as such, to urgently convey that the purpose of the meeting is to raise funds for a charity. The color red, therefore, is not restrictive in terms of dress code, but rather symbolizes purpose. As a fundraising goal, this means that funds are solicited to help less fortunate people survive or overcome life-threatening situations.

It is common for Red Tie affairs to have celebrities and well-known people present. Your presence could attract a considerable number of guests who are willing to pay a huge sum for a ticket to a benefit dinner. The number of attendees can fill a thousand-seat capacity for a multi-course gala dinner, set amidst a beautiful formal garden on a private property. The greater the number of guests, the greater the amount of money that can be raised to fund a charitable purpose.

Due to the garden setting and the formality of the event, it becomes a necessity for the event organizers to provide luxury mobile toilets during the event. Or else, well-dressed guests, dressed in tight ankle-length suits, have to struggle when their skirts are pulled up within the limited and narrow space of a regular one-person bathroom. It would be strange and uncomfortable for gentlemen in tuxedos to line up while waiting their turn in a single-person bathroom stall. Guests at the Red Tie gala deserve to be treated with the utmost reverence, providing them with the most comfortable sanitary supplies.

A luxury portable toilet doesn’t necessarily have to refer to the high-end type, but it is one that provides more space, where multiple guests can enter the sanitation provision at the same time. Deluxe portable urinals are container van-style structures that can have up to four toilet stalls in the women’s section and up to one toilet stall and three urinals in the men’s section.

Some guests can freshen up or get ready in front of the large vanity mirror while they wait their turn in the bathroom cubicle, mounted just above the sink and laminate countertops. They can be kept cool or warm inside the bathroom, as it is well equipped with heating and air conditioning systems. Even if users have to wait their turn, the availability of a music system within the luxurious bathroom provides guests waiting for some music for their entertainment.

Charities try as much as possible to reduce the costs of these gala events so that they can meet their fundraising goals. Still, the question of cost reduction must also take into account the comfort and enjoyment of your followers. Luxury portable toilets have higher rental prices than standard types of temporary toilets, but luxury models fit the formality and outdoor garden setting of the Red Tie annual gala venue.

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