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Healthy Suggestions – Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind and Soul

When you look out your window you see the evidence of the new birth of Spring everywhere. The trees shine green again, the tulips bloom and the birds return with their songs. In harmony with nature, we too want to feel new again.

It is natural at this time of year to want to clean the house. The cold, dark days of winter leave us feeling sluggish and unmotivated. The excess of winter fades our skin and widens our waist. Spring allergies can indicate an overworked liver thanks to all those holiday celebrations. Unfinished projects and clutter in the home impede the flow of energy through our lives. The spirit is ready to wake up from hibernation and enjoy new connections.

This article provides excellent suggestions to begin cleansing your body, mind, and soul of the past. Get ready to have the best spring of your life.

refresh your body

Spring is naturally the most popular time of year to start a cleaning program. A cleanse can help us shed unwanted pounds and improve our energy. According to Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the liver, an essential organ for digestion and the elimination of toxins. Some foods and drinks that are especially hard on the liver include alcohol, chemicals, drugs, fried foods, and meats. An overworked liver can cause low energy, stress, mood swings, and inflammatory conditions.

There are many types of cleanings to choose from, depending on the needs of the individual. A simple recommendation is to make a few days of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, along with plenty of water. Increase exercise and sweating to help the body eliminate excess toxins. Adding more vegetables to your diet now will help refresh, cleanse, and strengthen the body. In Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Dr. Elson Haas also recommends lemon water, fresh cold-pressed organic olive oil, milk thistle herb, and olive leaf extract to support and sanitize the liver.

Along with what you eat, how you eat your food is also important to your overall health. Eating a meal under stress disrupts the body’s ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients the food provides. Before you start eating, take a few slow, deep breaths into your belly. While you eat, chew well and stop when you feel full. These subtle changes can bring great healing to your body.

Clear your head and home

In winter, we spend most of our time indoors and this often leads to a large accumulation of clutter. A cluttered desk, closet, or room is also often an indicator of a cluttered mind. We hold on to material possessions that we no longer need and this creates stagnant energy in our lives and in our homes. As Karen Kingston writes in Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: “an orderly home means an orderly mind.” She suggests trying the clutter test on every item in your space. Ask, “Does it give me energy when I think about it or look at it? Do I love it? Is it really helpful?” If you answer “no” or “sort of” to any of these questions, let it go. Throw it away, give it away or recycle it. Make room in your mind and in your space for the new. This same principle applies to the clutter of ideas and limiting memories in your mind. If they are not serving your life purpose, it is time to say goodbye.

As you transition your wardrobe from cold weather to warm weather, fill a few bags with unworn clothes and drop them off at your favorite charity. A general rule of thumb to follow is that if you haven’t used it in over a year, you won’t miss it.

nourish your soul

The spirit or soul is what connects us with something greater, with Nature itself and with our innate creativity. Feeding your spirit is a very individual experience. For some it means religious celebration and being part of a like-minded community.

Others find inner peace through yoga, tai chi, or meditation. For some, a spiritual experience can be as simple as a walk in the park, a day at the beach, an afternoon of gardening, or laughing with a child. Whatever your preference, create the time to connect with yourself. Take deep breaths, write in a journal, reflect.

Once the land of your life is replenished, what will you plant? Allow yourself to daydream, an activity that is often overlooked but extremely important. It is by daydreaming that you learn more about your true self, your creative desires and desires. Visualize the life you want. Create an action plan and take your first small steps. The spring rain will make your dreams grow and bloom, the summer sun will give them strength and power, and the autumn harvest will bring you success and achievement. But only if you start today.

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