Why Narcissistic Mothers Hate Their Daughters

Living in a house where your mother is narcissistic is never easy to recognize. They hide under someone else’s facade. They pretend to be someone better, a successful parent to the outside world. But the drama and the actual abuse happen behind closed doors. The abused adolescent suffers from emotional pain, shame, disrespect where he feels unworthy and guilty for […]

What Makes Vegan Makeup Better Options?

True vegans not only avoid meat products, they also go vegan even in things like clothing and makeup. This means that they would never wear anything that is made from animal parts like leather. When it comes to vegan makeup, these are products that do not contain any animal products or ingredients of animal origin. They are very similar to […]

When is the best time to break up?

Many of us recognize and appreciate the happy combination of good fortune and circumstance that brings each special person into our lives; That chance encounter, a hit on a dating site, accepting an invitation that we were initially unsure of can lead us to meet someone who makes our lives super wonderful for a while. But there may still come […]

Kissing in a dream is not always what you think

We humans show our affection and love for each other, and our passion through a kiss. A kiss can soothe, calm, and even magically heal – a child will feel so much better after kissing his boo. In many cultures, but especially Western ones, a kiss is often the most intimate physical expression, sometimes considered more intimate even than sexual […]

Recipe to make natural homemade sex lubricant

Sex lubricants are used to reduce friction and add moisture between the two moving objects, such as human reproductive organs or sex toys. While sex lubricants are commonly available in drug stores, adult bookstores and novelty stores and even some department stores, it sometimes becomes quite difficult for people to choose the right sexual lubricant for them. For this, it […]