Benefit fundraising: When is the best day and time to do it?

The most frequently asked question when it comes to organizing a benefits fundraiser is, “When should we have it? Is there a better day? A better time?” If you asked five different people who have made a profit in the past, you’d probably get five different answers that would really confuse you, right?

For my money, and to earn the most money, I prefer Saturday nights from 5 to 10 pm. M. Before I give you the advantages of a Saturday night, let me give you the negatives of other nights. There are those who think that Friday night would be a good time to make a profit. Their rationale is that people have had a rough week at work, they’re thrilled it’s finally Friday (TGIF!), And they’re ready to have fun and spend. The downside to Friday is that most of your guests are probably still at work by 5pm when your event starts and even if they want to attend your fundraiser, they first have to drive home, freshen up, and change out of their clothes. I have lived all day. Some may even need to eat something before leaving knowing that a long night awaits them. Therefore, they may not arrive until 6:30 or 7:00. The long night ahead creates another problem. These people have been up since 6 in the morning and gone to work at 7. Are they really in the mood to party and bid until 10?

Sunday presents a different set of challenges. Admittedly, you wouldn’t have to rush like you did on Friday and maybe you could even bring the kids. But partying, spending, and drinking until 10 is out of the question for most people. Monday morning is right around the corner and not only is it a work day, but for 9 months of the year it is also a school day.

Which brings me to Saturday. Mom and Dad have had a relaxed day maybe shopping at the grocery store, catching up on housework and doing some yard work. At around 3pm, Mom can start preparing for the benefit with a shower or bath and have all the time in the world to put on makeup and party dress – all with the help of wine in hand! There’s no rush and your guests are in the mood to reward themselves after working around the house all day. They can arrive early, spend a lot, stay late, and then sleep late!

What about the Sunday morning church service? Most people will rationalize skipping service after doing such a good deed the night before!

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