Become an Occupational Health Nurse CEUS

Occupational Health Nurse CEUS

Become an occupational health nurse by obtaining your CEUS. Occupational and environmental health nurses are NPs who have received advanced education and professional development. Occupational and environmental health nurses are critical members of interdisciplinary teams that focus on the health of the workforce. These professionals are required to complete ongoing educational programs to maintain their license and certification. Learn how to become a CEUS today! Here are some tips. Interested in becoming an CEUS?

The American Board for Occupational Health Nurse CEUs┬áis the only organization that accredits these professionals. COHNs and COHN-S professionals must recertify every five years. Recertification requires completing at least 50 continuing education units related to occupational health practice. The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses offers flexible options for earning your CEUs. Interested candidates should check with their state’s board of nursing for details.

OHN Institute research has demonstrated that a variety of delivery modalities and formats are effective in meeting educational objectives for occupational health nurses. The results of these studies suggest that all four learning formats are equivalent in terms of overall student learning. This is consistent with findings from the U.S. Department of Education 2010 study. This study also supports the use of a blended learning format to deliver CE for occupational health nurses. It also suggests that CEUs can provide occupational health nurses with advanced education in their field.

Become an Occupational Health Nurse CEUS

To become a CEUS, one must be a registered nurse with special training in occupational health. Occupational health nurses typically have several years of bedside nursing experience, including intensive care and medical-surgical nursing. New graduates are not often offered positions in this field. Many have at least a master’s degree. Some will also have completed a post-graduate program to gain experience as an occupational health nurse. There is a huge need for qualified occupational health nurses.

Continuing education for nurses is not easy. In addition to staffing issues, the cost of tuition and registration can prevent aspiring CEUSs from continuing their education. Many also face difficulty traveling to training sites. In addition, many rural practice settings don’t have the resources to make long trips to attend training. The solution is blended learning, a learning model that integrates face-to-face training with online distance learning. This method offers convenience and pace flexibility while preserving the personal context of classroom learning.

The CEUS will be offered through a contract provider. It will be listed on the UW-NWCOHS continuing nursing education calendar. Participants will receive an email inviting them to register. The CEUS will target early-career nurses as well as graduate students in related fields. Ultimately, researchers hope to offer these courses biannually, depending on their funding and demand. They will refine the existing modules and introduce new ones, if needed.

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