Divorce Recovery Needs A Roadmap To Follow – Here It Is: 10 Steps To A Full Divorce Recovery

Poor Record of Common Approaches to Divorce Recovery The three most common approaches to facilitating divorce recovery are divorce support groups, individual psychotherapy, and the simple passage of time. The success of these three approaches is abysmal. Sixty-six percent of second marriages and 75% of third marriages also end in divorce. Additionally, long-term mistrust and animosity between ex-spouses is common, […]

How to Quickly Build a Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Rent Refinance and Repeat

How to Quickly Build a Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat Strategies In this article, you will gain a complete understanding of how you can quickly build a large real estate portfolio using the buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat method. This strategy was started by Danill Kleyman of True Vision Analytics, who is one […]

Nigerian Flying Eagles Make Soccer History In Saudi Arabia 1989

At the 1989 World Youth Championship in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria collected the silver medal, after defeating the USSR in the most vibrant semi-final matches ever played in the history of the FIFA U-20 championship. The Flying Eagles’ first game was against the host country, and they defeated Saudi Arabia 2-1 with midfielder Mutiu Adepoju and forward Christopher Ohenhen scoring the […]

Living in a houseboat

The popularity of houseboats is gaining traction over time, especially in the United States. They have become a top choice for families and friends who want to take a break from their daily routines and try something new. Some people would take the idea of ​​houseboat living on a completely different level and make it a way of life. Houseboats […]

On becoming a new grandparent

I really don’t think anyone really knows what it’s like to become a grandparent for the first time until is it so a. Having listened to other new and recent grandparents talk about their experiences always seemed a bit irrelevant at the time. At first I thought all the talk about how wonderful it was to them was frankly a […]