Are There Any Restrictions on Visitors in the Manchester Student Accommodation?

Restrictions on Visitors in the Manchester Student Accommodation

For many students, moving into their new student accommodation in the city is a big deal. They have chosen this place to make their own home away from home, surrounded by people like themselves, who are interested in similar things and share some of the same interests. It is also a space that has been carefully designed with focus, relaxation and sustainability in mind. At Element, each studio has been elegantly crafted for student life and is adorned with oxygenating plantlife to promote a healthy living environment.

But, as universities reopen in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, how these spaces will be managed has been subject to a lot of debate. For example, one prestigious English university made headlines for putting new clauses in Manchester student accommodation contracts that would allow them to evict students at short notice if restrictions were to be enforced. Other universities are making changes to how students can use and interact with their communal student housing.

As part of their coronavirus advice pages, some universities have outlined how they will be managing their on-campus student accommodation. For example, Nottingham says that all student halls will be sanitised for when students arrive and they will have a dedicated cleaning programme in place. Their sanitiser stations will be located in every kitchen and stairwell area. They will also be implementing a ‘kitchen group’ system where students will be allocated to a kitchen with other groups of students which they can then socialise with freely, provided social distancing is maintained.

Are There Any Restrictions on Visitors in the Manchester Student Accommodation?

Similarly, Lincoln say that they will be maintaining two-metre social distancing, and their sanitiser stations will be placed in every kitchen and stairwell area. The FAQs page also notes that they will be offering free outdoor cinema screenings and street food events in their common rooms Manchester student apartments, provided all activities take place within the bounds of social distancing.

The coronavirus advice pages of some universities have made no mention of any visitors or guests, whereas others have stated that students can bring guests to their flats as long as the correct procedures are followed. This includes signing your guest in at reception, providing them with a visitor’s pass, ensuring that they are accompanied by someone at all times and that they wash their hands upon arrival. It is also important to ensure that fridges and cookers are left clean and to not let any guests into your bedroom.

If you do wish to invite a friend or family member to stay with you in your flat then you will need to inform Njoy Student Living of this ahead of time, by logging on to the Accommodation Portal and clicking on the Guest Registration tab. You will then need to confirm that your guest has read and agreed to the Visitor and Guests Terms and Conditions. Please note that guests must not stay for more than three consecutive nights and all residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests throughout their visit. More information on guests and visiting can be found in your tenancy agreement, which can be accessed via the Portal.

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