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Age of psychic children

In this age of high technology and a higher state of consciousness, children are born with a higher state of consciousness. This evolutionary psychic enhancement in those born from the time periods of the 1980s onwards is endowed with various extensions of a sixth sense and beyond.

Learning to raise these psychic children can be demanding, especially for those children who see visions and hear messages, bend cutlery, or move objects with their minds. To some people of an earlier generation, these gifts were considered superpowers, and in some schools of thought they were considered evil. Times have changed and our evolving intuitive species has too.

Educating yourself in the paranormal and psychic fields can go a long way in guiding and supporting child psychics in taking pride in their abilities and being responsible. Books, magazines, and TV shows like Paranormal Cops and Paranormal State, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal available for suggested age groups 13 and up. Explore and evaluate the best media suitable for your child’s particular gifts.

Perceptive and intuitive children are often overwhelmed by all the high-energy particles around them due to their acute sensitivity. Many of them absorb the problems, pains, worries and struggles of others to such an extent that they feel tired, sometimes depressed or lethargic from the overloaded accumulation of psychic energy. Learning to control their insightful sensitivity through meditative activity is ideal, but some children are too nervous or too young for such mental stillness. A class in martial arts, yoga, or tai chi can help your young psychic take control and become more balanced.

New learning communities have sprung up locally and online that offer a curriculum for the arts and intuitive intelligences for homeschoolers, teachers, and self-learners. Some of these schools can be found in spiritualist communities, while others are found in traditional university-sanctioned paranormal research. Depending on your needs, the key is to stay open to psychic levels and changes without jumping into a study too quickly.

Every upsetting event you experience with your child is a significant realization. Without discarding our capacity for rational discernment; we are being lifted up to accept the higher part of our own intuitive process with which each and every human being is born. In this way, we are entering a new worldview that provides a constant stream of miracles, big and small, that guide us to a higher and more enlightened existence. This era of psychic children teaches us and helps us discover a posture of growth and advancement in the wake of this evolutionary leap.

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